Berkat Numbers .

Assalam , since I am now so jakun to the CHINA online shopping websites , I have decided to try and order berkat favours for the kids .  After converting and all , I find it a whole lot of cheaper .

So my majlis on my side , we are doing if for 1000 pax  or slightly more. Separate wedding hence , we have to recce and hopefully settle things as soon as possible .

So if our guest is aprox 1K . How many berkats do you think we should buy . Should we buy ngam2 1000 or lesser or should we just prepare more . And also for the kids berkat ..

What is the acceptable amount of berkats that we can buy . Should i get 200 or 300 ? 


5 thoughts on “Berkat Numbers .

  1. azharwaty1604 says:

    From my opinion babe, i think better prepare more..
    Like for example you invite person A, and he comes with his wife and 2 daughters age 15 and 17.. that alone you already need 4 berkats.. as for berkats for kids totally depends on roughly how many little ones ade… for mine right now la, in the future tak tau lak eh, haha, for now not much little kids, all grown up already, so i’m gonna standby about 200 berkats je for kids..

  2. the wedding kraken says:

    I shd probably comment after my wedding but scared I forget. for adults berkat, my mum ordered 1:1, so it would be 1,000 pcs for your case. normal to have absentees kan, so their berkat can go towards the bigger families.

    for kids, think we got 200 pcs. I guess for kids, siapa lambat then bukan rezeki dia lah. my mum intends to police the kids berkat closely though ie rule is each kid can only take one (some relatives like to borong..!) and only kids who are present are entitled. haha.

  3. Zarifah says:

    Hi dear,

    Just blog-hopping heh. I had my walimah in May. For adult berkats, I ordered 1100 pieces for 1000 pax but had balance so I think it’s okay to just order 1000 pieces or maybe just 50 pieces extra.

    For kids, I ordered 250 pieces but got balance also. I think 200 pieces would be just nice!

    Hope this helps. All the best with your wedding preps! 🙂

    • erianazai says:

      hi babe , thank you so much for putting your inputs too . so so useful . i might go your suggestions . think its better to be lebih than kurang . hehehe . Thanks for dropping by . xx

  4. Hazwani says:

    Wah. Hahah i love your blog posts pasal berkat pasal skarang pun i’m stressing pasal berkat! Dah tengok2 kat alibaba tapi pening juga pasal freight cost etc so ingat maybe beli aje la in JB. Hahah

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