Getting hitched and getting emotional

How do one deal with emotions about leaving your current house now that you are getting married and moving in with your in-laws . I am getting married in 8 months time and I already feel the anxiety . Bukan mengade-ngade or nk feeling over , but as I countdown to my wedding date . I can’t help but to feel sad or worried . Lagi2 with Puasa and Raya coming up , now I understand when people really mean it and say ” Enjoy your last moments of being Single/Solo ” .  Being single/solo currently means , at home I can do whatever I want , act however I like it and basically do everything ikut suka hati cause at home , family members don’t judge you for your weird antics . I am SUPER close to my parents and siblings. We don’t tend to confine to our own bedrooms and all . We would be in the living room watching tv or eating together most of the times. And we will see each other often.

Why am I sad ? Because come Feb 2016 , I would be moving into my future husband house. Okay lah , from Yew Tee to Jurong only 30 mins train ride and 15 mins car ride . But it feels as though I am moving somewhere so far away . I would be living with his parents, his brother and the wife and also their future baby cause my FSIL is expecting and due this Oct . My current house is more like a pasar malam, cause we tend to voice out whatever we want to each other and definitely we tend to talk loudly . Whereas his house is so quiet and people there tend to talk NOT SO LOUD . haha . So major adjustment in progress. Hahaha

Why not just stay at my house ? Well cannot lah , I still have 3 younger sisters , still blooming and acting like freaks .To have A to move in is like so tak manis .Time for my mother to pay more attention to them and mould them better .  Lagi-lagi now that they know I am getting married . All three are already eyeing my room and my items .

21 more days to Ramadhan and I am freaking out , Masyallah . This year would be the last year , I can skip sahur or simply let my mother prepare all the dishes for iftar or sahur or maybe after sahur terus tidur . Come 2016 ramadhan, everything will be different . You feel me girls ! Adam , if you are reading this . I would be forever thankful if you would be the one to wake up and prepare sahur . hahaha . Another thing that makes me have cold feet at night , knowing that this year would be the last year I do my kuih raya at my house . Ever since we took up cooking and baking , Adam and I have the interest to cook and bake . We spent a quarter of our dating sessions in the kitchen . So every year , both of us would be busy baking our raya goodies . From shopping of ingredients to baking it , I do it myself. Not that I will not continue or anything next year at my house , but being a wife surely you have roles to play , so probably I would bake my house kuih raya share over at my in-laws house . Cukup time hantar aje .

Raya lagi tkyah cakap , more emotional for me . I usually don’t celebrate my first day at my own house . On the first day , we would all be busy at my grandmother house cause we have to settle her house first then our house . haha .My mother is always assigned to cook all the raya dishes there and YES , our house won’t have any raya dishes unless the neighbour cook and send over to us . Come raya next year , would be a total new experience for me .

Anyway I still have a lot to list down , but I figure out that I shall not bore you guys with my story . I know I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE . But can’t help it lah kan . So sad you know, before sleeping staring at the ceiling wall and thinking how I am gonna miss this room atmosphere and how happy i am seeing my  bed with my bantal busuk . haha .

So tonight and rest of the night, I hope Allah give me the strength to overcome this phase of emotional feelings for me and that he put in strength and eventually make me redha to whatever is going to happen soon , will benefit me and the rest of my love ones .


10 thoughts on “Getting hitched and getting emotional

    • erianazai says:

      Yah lah babe , even if your wardrobe in a mess . Nobody’s gonna care or judge . heheh . Sorry I make you emotional with my post . You’r not alone . =)

  1. zuraxxn says:

    Sweetie!! I not moving out but I feel the anxiety of after marriage life.. You’d be feeling more anxiety than me but just wanna let you know that it’ll be alright! xoxo and miss you!!

    • erianazai says:

      Hopefully you know . You’r down to 7 months somemore . Hopefully we can make it thru . Yes , dinner soon hopefully with the other crystals sisters . Miss you too . Keep it strong okay ❤

  2. Nana Nadhirah says:

    Awww hugs!!! i am facing moving away 6 months time! It is a scary thought as I do get along really well but i am just afraid with the what ifs! but as it is i am living my last moments of single life at its best!

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