Caterer yang naik harga

Pagi yang mulia ini , I ada pantun dua kerat buat kita semua .

Lagi 8 bulan nak kahwin , 

Catering naik HARGA . 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (ok dh diam , lame la i ni )

So this happens to my tunang yang tersayang , my fiance side still haven’t book his catering now that we are 8 months down the road to be HALAL . We knew about it since Monday, when I receive a call from him asking me for contact of other caterers . In my heart , i was like …… ” OH-OH , confirm bad news” . Ingatkan the caterer dh fully booked or dah tak operate lagi . Sekali , member naikkan harga . From $11 to $13 per pax . Nasib my FMIL called him earlier to discuss , then member broke the news to her that they already increase the prices . This particular caterer have been their family’s choice since IDK when lah kan .  From my fiance’s siblings to all his cousin , they took this caterer . Kalau tak silap i , the caterer name is Haji Kadir or Haji Karim Catering . Bukan yang jual sup tulang kat Beach Road ehh . haahha

The last time I had tasted this caterer’s food was during the fiance’s brother wedding last year Oct . Quite nice , with a good spread of food also . Got the goreng-gorengan all ( goreng pisang,keledek ) . When my family came to the wedding , they agree . It was quite nice . So when he say he gonna take the same caterer , I was okay with it .  And now they increase the price , of course ada sense of panic. Bukan tak nak amek , tapi we are trying not to spend so much on our wedding . Lagi2 kita separate wedding . If we could find some other catering that doens’t charge just as high , why not lah kan . Yang penting as long got quality. And of course , dorang nya usual reason would be                                                 ” Barang masak semua dah naik harga “

My fiance’s num of guests won’t be so much of mine . His would be ard 800 or so . While mine is 1000 pax or more . All i ever did was to find and research choices of caterers and bring my mum for food tasting . Alhamdulillah , kali ni she would be the one sponsoring for my Caterer and all and we have already book mine . Al- kisah nya , we wanted a combined wedding but my mum insist on a separate wedding cause she knows we got a long line of relatives and all and she don’t want to be all selfish to invite semua orang and my fiance’s side got to be cut or forgotten about .(that one another story lah hor)

So thankfully my fiance remember that i got mention to him that my caterer nya sister pun ada her own catering line . Cik Zainab is my caterer , her sister also have another one . It’s like a family business. So yeap , my FMIL did call her to ask her pricing and all . Not sure of the outcome and final decision yet . We’ll just to wait and see . Maybe we shall try and survey other caterer ASAP . Or mayb PHYSCO them to take Doulath for the ayam masak merah yang sedap or Puteri Wedding for their beautiful extensive display of food or SMR for their display of 10 freaking drinks flavours . hahahahah . Ni part , aku mcm menantu hantu . Nak tolong bayar takper jugak . Hahah . Maaf yer Cik Asnah .

 (Any updates, I blog again . ) xx


7 thoughts on “Caterer yang naik harga

      • azharwaty1604 says:

        Heh.. ya hor.. i baru re-check doulath quotations.. but i dont agree on SMR berbaloi.. too expensive.. there are others who can provide full package at way cheaper price.. tts just my view la 🙂 .. watever the decision is hopefully everything goes well babe..

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