Ahlan Wah Sahlan Ya Ramadhan

Assalam , my lovely sisters of Islam , Insyallah tomorrow  would be the fasting month for all of us . As much as I love reading your lovely posts and all , I couldn’t help but feel quite a connection and bond with you all . Doesn’t matter if at every post , we would comment or like on it . Some people are not  as lucky as us lah kan to be able to talk about everything under the the sun in this platform  . But Alhamdulillah , I hope we could motivate each other to the best that we can . Be it any subject on dunyawi and ukhrawi , i love to read any of you guys nya opinions .

With this opportunity given , I nak minta maaf if any of my words or post ever offended you guys . Sama ada yang I tahu atau , tak tahu . Do forgive me okay . Please find it in your heart to forgive anyone that offended you and insyallah may allah grant them guidance and sincerity , that includes me too . I hope to be able to still read you guys nya post during the fasting month , maybe we could update each other about our raya preps .Dun lembik2 to update you guys nya blog okay . I ni tak suka sangat baca suratkhabar . But kalau you ools nya blog post , confirm2 I read . haha .  It might be our last ramadan as SINGLE LADIES for some ladies I know here . Yours truly , included  . Haha . I am so looking forward to spend most of my time with my family this year . Maklumlah , in 7 months time . My wings would not clipped anymore , soaring to another place to start on a new journey .

Having said all these , I hope our ibadah and amalan that we would be doing in this month dapat diterima . Hopefully , we would be able to meet each other at any iftar events ker , dekat bazaar geylang ker , bazaar tampines ker or bazaar woodlands.  hahaha . Tapi yang penting , mana lah tahu terserempak kat masjid2 to do our Terawih . Insyallah .

         With that , may Allah bless you and your family .  xx .

Selamat Berpuasa my lovely ladies . 


13 thoughts on “Ahlan Wah Sahlan Ya Ramadhan

  1. ariescinderella says:

    Kite lembek ah tkle update, segala tulang2 ku, otot2 ku, sendi2, urat2ku letih, 🙊🙊🙊 selamat berpuasa! Semoga ibadah kite diberkati dan dikabulkan doa-doa kite… ^^

  2. shydasairi says:

    May this Ramadhan be a month of blessings, forgiveness and guidances for all of us. Inshallah Amin, Salam Ramadhan Babe!! 😊

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