222 DAYS , ADAM !!

222 more days to the WED-DING . Ermmm , Yeayyy .

Don’t get me wrong . I am excited but the whole wedding planning is such a headache . Though stagnant , I can’t help but to think of every details pertaining to the wedding . We are down to the last 10 days of Ramadhan and I have not even start doing my yearly baking . I spend most of the times on my phone or outside . Talking to 30/37 girls till my fingers are numb . YOU GUYS KNOW WHO YOU ARE .  No point charging my phone , by the time it was time for break fast . It will usually be 15% or less .  hahah

And tonight for IFTAR , I will be meeting with them all . Hurray

 I am glad , I could make time to break fast with diff group of my friends and also my beloved family and grandmother . There will be times where I could not turn up due to the fact that I already made plan for that day . Big group what , not everybody is available on the same day as you are .  Sometimes I wish I could split my body in body in two so that I could get to iftar with all of them . But all is good , the one that I didn’t manage to turn up. My apologize was accepted and we made plans to meet probably during Hari Raya . Turning 24 last may made me appreciate people more , especially those people whom i called friends .

Allah is Great , he knows that I am not that close to a few girls within me and my fiance circle . But he granted me the friendship of 37 individuals and probably more . Life is too short to engage yourself in drama . What’s the point of being in a whatssap group together but you bitch about each other and I happen to know it . I’m happy with what I have therefor  I’m thankful .

Over the weekend , it was all about the cheating saga . Victim was the elder sister to my friend . Of course I was shocked . They were married for only 6 weeks . Not 6 months , Not even 6 years . And worse , it was someone whom I think she never expected . My friend told me that , the alleged girl happens to sit right beside her sister (the bride) during a photo taking on the wedding itself . That part made my stomach flip . It was the groom who invited her and of course , Yana didn’t know that her life is to change soon after 6 weeks into marriage by that same girl who sat beside her during one of the photo taking . I never blame what she and Farah did.If it were to happen to my sisters , I would probably do the same thing . Cheating was never deemed as a good action especially 8 years of relationship . The sad thing is , he promised to change before the wedding took place . But alas , you can never predict someone’s actions and feelings . I shall let the Almighty deal with it . Who are we to judge , when it didn’t happen to ourselves or our flesh and blood . Up to date , 3 years plus into this relationship of mine . Alhamdulillah , we never have to deal with this . The trust that have for each other is beyond measured . Tho he gets jealous easily and uptight whenever my guy friends text me up or contact me thru social media . Such a freak lah you , Adam . hahahha

May Allah protect us all and sustain our love  . In Sya Allah .

Already half of today is gone , counting down to another 5 more hour .

Reading this before I run errands during lunch time . Such a funny article . CLICK ON IT !!



3 thoughts on “222 DAYS , ADAM !!

  1. kefreenhyda says:

    Hey was it you added me on IG? I was wondering who it was damn . correct me if im wrong ya thanks babe

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