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WHICH WILL BE FIXED BY US !!! Hahahah . Yes lah , I am KIASU like that . I emailed them during the fasting period to know roughly when would my first fitting be . I requested for it to happen before my bandung trip which is 4 Sept . Asal boleh jerr aku . HAHAHA . Reason being , if nothing fits I am bringing my money to another bridal vendor or going to tailor made my last outfit in Bandung . So the conclusion is I have a freaking 4 MONTHS to lose weight . A is not keen on the idea of burning our deposit and going for another vendor . Me too but I wanna be comfortable in my choices and not look like a freaking sarung nangka on the pelamin .

And I also would certainly not needing my bridal vendor to shove any piece of baju to my face and tell me that it looks good on me just so that to get the session over and done with . Curvy people like us tak SESUAI ada pleats on the butt . FOR GOODNESS SAKE LAH !  So people of PETI SOLEK , please dun make me regret choosing you . I LOVE YOUR BAJU2 AND YR SERVICE . Please do your part and I will do mine . I love how guys always reply us promptly and always never sound so sarcastic or half heartedly .

Untuk baju-baju mu , I will try to lose the babats for you oollss .

Maybe you all could open up a plus size collection already , a few of my friends keep asking if I think , they could fit into your baju2 . I sendiri tak sure siol .. hahahhha . These people lovess your baju but have to find another bridal vendor cause you guys don’t have sizes that cater to them .

So hopefully you can make those fluffy2 btbs (like me) in the making wishes come true . hahaha . In my heart , there is a feeling that I will confirm upgrade my reception baju to the royal dahlia . Beadings and laces , who can resist seyh .

But actually got problem seyh , last two weeks I send a text to Cik Mala (my decor vendor) to discuss about the site recce and when is the next meeting . Within a minute , she immediately call me . BETUL PUNYA PANTAS ! Very good ! haha . She mentioned that she is very busy for the month of August onwards cause busy with those getting married this year for those in Nov onwards .

So she told me that she will schedule a meeting with me around the middle of October . Means decor theme must be ready by then . I must know what kind of theme colors that I would want on my side and now that my fitting is in November . I don’t my choices of outfit to blend in with the decor . YOU GET ME ??? hahah . Its easier if I just took a white wedding concept but I don’t want ! Or shall I say , my mummy don’t want . She want colours and all .

So pikir punya pikir late at night , I am planning to push my decor meeting after my first fitting . So once I choose my baju2 , we hope to visualize the theme clrs better . Something like that lah . On top of that, we also need to discuss with Kak Adriana for A’s side . See lah the problem with separate wedding , whatever we do must do double . ahahah .

So …… Honeymoon ………………………..Yes, we discuss this already . There has been a change of plan, instead of going our honeymoon 4 days after our wedding . We pushing it back even further . So they will be small moon and big moon . We have choosen 2 destination . Small moon would be the one 4 days after our wedding , big moon will be 3 months after our wedding . But we are leaving it to Allah . We can only plan but Allah will decide it all . Insyallah if we are blessed with our lil one . We will make adjustment to our planning .

Life is all about adjustment isn’t it .  So happy with news of my friends getting married and being pregnant . This one is one good example ,

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 Feel like yesterday I just know them , with Renny getting hitched . Shiqs having Zaki and Me and Zu with our wedding planning . And now Renny is preggy with Baby RKM ! How fast time flies. And now being friends to another 30 more girls . Life is indeed a blessing to still have my love ones around me . A home to go back to , a family to share my feelings with , a fiance to share my problems and friends to ask opinion . Sometimes I feel as though I know why I was given the second chance to live following my incident but as long I am still given the chance I will make the best out of it . And it would be , to make my parents wishes come true and make them happy.

So yes, enough of sappy stories . Time to look at Google ,

” HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 4 MONTHS ” …. uwekkkkkkk


2 thoughts on “SO KIASU FOR WAD .

  1. nrms_x says:

    Thanks for sharing information with us babe esp for PSTBR clients like me! Heh. At least I get to know that the first-fitting will take place 3 months before our wedding (lamanyaaaa) hahaha. Insha’Allah, we can lose weight babe! I’m in the middle of losing my babats too!

  2. shonilia says:

    Lol babe how are u fluffy?! Anyway all the best. I hope everything goes by swimmingly fr u and Adam! :):):)

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