Kakak Kakak Kahwin

I was never the “going to the wedding jemputan every week type of person” ,  it would either me being held up with work or whenever I feel like attending it , Something will surely arises . But , I once went to a tazkirah with regard to a wedding .  There is more to what has been said about menghadiri walimah seseorang.

Adapun dalil yang menjadi landasan dalam pendapat pertama ini adalah hadits yang diriwayatkan oleh Ibnu Umar bahwa Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bersabda:

إذا دعي أحدكم إلى الوليمة فليأتها

“Jika kalian dindang ke walimah maka datangilah” (HR. Muslim)

Dan dalam lafazh hadits lainnya disebutkan:

أجيبوا هذه الدعوة إذا دعيتم إليها

“Penuhilah undangan ini jika kalian diundang” (HR. Muslim)

So ever since then ,I understand why my parents try their best to fullfill people’s invitation to their wedding . At times I thought they are  mad since nowdays its so hot and all , and here they are getting ready . So yes , me and A make a promise that whoever invites us , we will try our very best to come . Now that im 24 , its scary to see people getting married and all and before I know it . It’s my turn .Dulu kecik2 boleh lah nak step posing atas kerusi pelamin dengan bunga mangga . Sekarang , agak2 lahh kan .. hahahaha


photo 5

photo 1 (4)

photo 1 (5)

photo 3 (2)

My first wedding in Aug together with the Team BTB Kecoh . I am so glad I attended her wedding because I saw my choosen vendors in action and her choosen caterer has nice and delicious food spread . Me and F was even jakun with their Pengat Durian with Pulut . Mmmdap . I saw these 3 live siol ..

-Peti Solek The Bridal Room

-MIS Entertainement

-Akrab Kompang 

When I heard the DJ , I was bumped because she was so good and I already book mine. Syida even have a ice cream vendor , so when A was eating the ice cream at the side with the rest , we spot the name of the comp on the sound man t-shirt . It was MIS ! Yeay … Akrab takyah cakap lah , they were our fav from the start . And when A heard them reciting the hasbi rabbi .. He couldn’t stop saying how good they were ..  muahahah . Peti Solek don’t say lah . Make up on point , Baju pun on point . Syida and her husband looks so good and cantik . Bagai pinang dibelah dua .

After the wedding , we headed to Orchard to meet up with A’s mum and his sister and with her two kids. We were suppose to meet them at Tampines for A’s caterer food tasting session . So after getting the kids stuff and all , we proceded to Tampines . A’s caterer would be the same like mine except that I got the elder sister and A would get the younger sister cause I booked mine first . Muahahahah . Somehow our caterer , adik beradik all look the same .Triplet kot . hahaah . I love our caterer , good sambal goreng pengantin and 10 macam kuih seyh !photo 3 (3)      Kak Julie and her kids (Sarah & Daniel)

photo 2 (2)

( A and Sarah . Beside me my FMIL)

So yes , we got the approval from the mother and sister .

The rest will be up to his mother to arrange . After that . we headed to IKEA , cause the kids were grumbling about going to the playground nearby . And with kids in tow , its good to put them in the playhouse and enjoy yr time in IKEA . Guess who can strike off the berkat category . It was A . Kak Julie wanted to sponser his berkat . All 1000 pieces of it . Untung ahh dia , being the last one to get married . Besides the item was less than $1 . My mum is the one that is sorting my berkat choices so i’m not sure what we are settling for . Sekejap biskut , sekejap teacup set , sekejap pulut . Kalau boleh semua lah dia nak . hahahha

To end the our Sunday , I fulfill my intention to visit A’s grandparents before Raya ends and to my Kakak Sedara Open House with my parents . We were all back home by 10 pm to rest and recharge . Sunday definitely ended well for us . Alhamdulillah .

Thank you for being my date / driver bb . hehe

 photo 4 (2)

photo 2 (3)


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