August news

Salam semua , its MONDAY ! Last two weeks of August . Cannot wait for early Sept for my Bandung trip with A and my parents . Currently I have 506 pending emails in my work mail but who cares .. I am blogging this first before I forget ..

Not sure why I keep stating A’s name as A cause i know some of you girls already know his name . hahah . Ohh well , new followers don’t know what . heh  . Okay refer to my last two post , with regard to my kiasu behavior towards Peti Solek .The one they told me that our first fitting would prolly be in November . Aku jer pandai2 nak mintak before my bandung trip , and I got maybe four months to go to lose all these babats .  Link below .


AND BEHOLD , they send out an email to me again .

 photo (2)

So instead of November . Its October seyh . I was on my bed when I decided to check my mailbox .Terkejut sekejap seyh , but instead of telling A first . I told my bestfriends aka my bridesmaid . He was playing futsal wad . How to inform . Confirm2 tak angkat phone . They were excited and thrilled .I on the other hand was worried and excited too . Worried if there is outfit that suits us and also what will really good on us .

So yes , i acknowledge that email and put it aside . With regards to the bridal , I and A have decided to only pick out our shoes and my bridal bouquet after the fitting session so roughly we can visualize what is good for us . haha . We have always been like that , even during shopping . We would walk around to think if what we are buying would really suits our wardrobe selection . That proves how little our shoes collection are  . hahahaha . If the colour or design doesn’t fits . Sorry not buying it , though its the in thing or the current trend . A tend to spend more on his bike while I can swipe my card for a $30 plus meal on a daily basis . But nak KAWIN kan , all we reduce . Now share a plate of kentang ball also dah kenyang kan bb . hahahaha

Commitment of 2015 would be my GYM MEMBERSHIP . Finally I sign up for a 2 year membership . I have been trimming my ass off in the gym nowdays . Only when that day I have nothing lah hor after work . I am trying to fit 3 days of gym per week . CARDIO for me ..zzzz.. Love my gym , private and quite secluded . The downside is that if you come at the peak hours , most machines would be snapped up already . But good lah the gym not too frightening with those abang2 sapau ard you or u scared people observing you . Can watch youtube while on the treadmill . My motivation of course would be food channels lahh . I exercise to make way for food seyh . hahahha .

So yes , first entry down . Ouhh yes , one more great news . I have booked my VENUE ! 

Alhamdulillah for the health that you granted to me and my parents . Earlier I took half day (am) to book my venue and treated ibu to breakfast then drag my ass to work  haha . Okay more on that on the next entry .

Counting down to 530 pm xx


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