Venue Booking

So on Monday , we place our payment for our venue booking . So lucky to be able to do so with my mother .I wasn’t excited or anything but my emotions were more to sad and guilty . In my head , I was going …

” This is it , last few moments before I pack my bags and leave my parents to be with my husband “

Last week , she was ill . She had fever that totally hit her hard . She was shivering and needed blankets and comforters to sleep with . There was a point she woke me up at 3am to ask her to massage her back because it was painful and she need someone to cover her with blankets . Indeed Allah is the best planner , I ended up massaging her with hot oil , covering her and keeping her company by her side and it happen that the day after, I wasn’t working .

After that incident I was like , ” What happen if I’m no longer there “ . I may have 4 other siblings in that house but I wanna be sure that they may do the same or even better than me . It’s just the Anak Pertama Syndrome lah kan . The way I feel for my parents is just indescribable . But its okay , its just a self reminder for me to always include my parents in my doa after prayers no matter what .

So that day , we wasn’t that really kiasu lahh ! haha . We didn’t wait outside waiting for the doors to open . Eyy no hard feelings to some out there ahh , haha . My date not so POPULAR , so I was hoping not to have anyone else booking the same place as mine .  I was up at about the same timing I woke up to , texted my work place to tell them i will be taking half day (am) to go to the town council .

photo 1 (3)

Mine would be under Choa Chu Kang town council , our centre was the one beside Lot 1 mall .Reach at about 9.30am . My heart was racing , scared that they still haven’t open my date for booking . My venue booking is 6 months in advance so that day was exactly 179 days . We wasn’t require to produce any romm registration paper or wedding card to show them , only require IC and of course $$$ . What make me love them even more is that , the ones entertaining us was so patient and friendly. The person at the top was the one attending to us . She was the one that makes our booking and permit .  I was arguing with my mother that we should take 3 days for the MPH cause decor people will come on Friday . The person didn’t try to interrupt to say anything . She even show us the map to our housing blocks just to be sure .

My mum wanted to book the void deck behind the MPH for the catering people to use . She say ” so that can selesa masak and put their stuff ”  and also they don’t have to wash the plates and all directly near the MPH . Furthermore , we need to put the ruang solat there . What would I do without my mother . I didn’t think about that siaa .  Here is my venue ,

 photo 3 (4)

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (4)

Thank God , they are linked and sheltered and those kendarats boys and girls don’t have to travel or walk much to do their work . Ada shelter , not hot kan  . And if the catering and kendarat people want to rest or eat , they can do so at the void deck behind  . Near to our MPH lies our minimart  and coffee shop , so sape nk grab snacks or the awesome rojak mama can head over there .  My house to the MPH only 5-7 mins walk. Also linked and sheltered . Alhamdulillah

photo 2 (5)

(Payment time )

So yes , after making the call to the officer in charge of those places to confirm the blocks and all . We sign the contracts to our permit . Nak kawin oso not cheap . Both permits add to a total of $500 plus including the deposit . Only the void deck we took for two days .

             photo 4 (3)

( Permit 1 )

photo 5 (1)

( Permit 2 )

Definitely not CHEAP at all .  haha . To those doing a separate wedding at  CC or any grand places. Salute siaa . $500 plus is already hurtful enough to get it out from the bank account . haha

photo 3 (5)

My MOTHER . She do lost a lot of weight tho when I stare hard at this picture . Hmmm .

So yes , VENUE BOOKED . Now i can look at wedding invites vendors . Bumped that I miss out on Thumblinda Cards Promo cause most of the girls booked their ones there . Ohh well , shall keep a look out . That’s for sure. So tempted to do it in Indonesia as recommended by few of my friends but NO ! Not taking the risk ,i ain’t got no time to keep travelling back and forth to amend or collect those cards.

photo (3)

And to add on to my lovely Monday , we had the last two KFC porridge for breakfast before I dragged my ass to work on that day . I was so close to report in for mc for that day  but because I am heading to Bandung in 2 week times . I am gonnnaaa TAHAN LOHHH if not my boss not happy  . hahahah

OK that’s all . xx


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