Bridesmaid & Bridesmates

Presenting my orang-orang kuat in 6 months time . And YES , my orang kuat 5 of them is guys because I like to kawan with GUYS than girls . They are the ones whom I can openly and say .

“Eh gy Watson dulu boleh , aku nk beli KOTEX ” !! Muahahah

Ok so …..I’ve known them all  since secondary school and I find that though sometimes they are irritating to the max (esp guys) , at least they boleh diharapkan . We’ve been through a lot , like possessive ex-gfs , jealous gf/wife and so on but we will always laugh it off and then say , “eh , if we really want to rampas u . Siang2 also can lah” .

So first up my 2 bridesmaids .

The one that will be sponsoring my wedding cake . Yeay !!!

My bestfriends till jannah this one .


This is Naz , still single . Very faithful and loyal and she is my ride or die partner lah kan . She okay go one . Very family oriented and so kind hearted . Manis jer muka tapi bila dia penat atau ngantuk very the masam . hahah.  Very pelembut and gila-gila also . I believe that God is saving a really good guy for her . She is very rajin okay to wake up early on weekends to do house errands . The paling kudut among us all tapi padahal makan macam gajah . hahahaha . Not fair kan .


And this is Mumu , the clumsy one among us and also the emotional one . Very well  liked by guys and also the fashionable among us .Very loyal this one , if she likes or love somebody . Sampai bertahun2 seyh .  A good dancer and a nice person. Though she got butter fingers , this girl can entertain you with her stories and antics . Also gila-gila and rajin . She speaks fast like a train , but when comes to family . She can be counted on .  Both my girls are family oriented so for us , family comes first . Just don’t disturb her when she is tired or hungry , she can be loud . ahahahha

My 5 bridesmates !

Annoying but can simply make our day when we are together as a group .


Adi . Single and Available .The annoying one as per picture . Abg2 powergrid ni . Who get him untang lah , he can do the house wiring and all . hahah . This guy is the clown lahh . Forever got something to say one . Always with his funny antics and all . Family oriented and very the rajin . His types of girls must be Putih , Kurus , Cantik … Perghhh , menyampah . hhaha . But he is very the loyal , his last gf was in sec sch .. Dh lama single , keep saying belum ada yang sesuai lagi . Soon lah yer . Insyallah


Nash . Dah abang-abang tunang pun . This one abg2 sailor . Wun be long he start to sail again and we wun see him for a few months or so . Very lepak guy , always with his don’t care attitude . This one the sarcasm level also high . Gurau kasar they say . hahaha . But one thing good about  him , everytime outing he will call me to ask where i am . If i say , baru keluar rumah . It means i’m still at home choosing my shoes and as always he will wait for me with the rest . hahahaha


Ait . This one is the paling degil among us all . haha . Baik tapi nakal .A very good barista this one ! No wonder I am Cafe hired him . hah . Dah kahwin dh recently . The first among us to get hitched . It came as a shock for us because last few months we rarely meet since everybody is busy . Sekali tiba-tiba , he texted telling us that he nak nikah in about a month time .No lah , not shot gun or wad .. Jodoh dh sampai for him …  Ait is a very lepak person , senang to get influenced and malas nk bukak mulut . Very the boy last minute type . I rarely see him marah or mengamuk . Follow the mother’s trait . Ibu is so sweet and nice , everytime see me . Will always tanya my khabar .  Truth be told , he dated both my bestfriends in sec sch .. hahahahhahhh


Ariff . The man of few words . Very courageous , to drop Uni life and follow his heart desire . This one abang2 officer in SOC . Very discipline and very committed type of person . So far , since sec sch days , no gf leyy .. hahahah . He use to be way shorter than us in sch but now , height dia melampau . haha . One of the cleverest among us all . The only one who calls me by my full name .Very sopan santun and respect orang . So whoever gets him is so damn lucky .  You will never get to hear him swear or see him mengamuk and that is how nice he is . Imagine a guy that never swears . Yeap , still exist people right here ..


Khai . I swear he looks better in person than this dp in his fb .. hhahah . He is very very pendiam . Blur pun ada tapi yang penting he is so soft spoken . Very nice and sopan santun . I like to tease him ahh , so funny his reaction . This one is Abang Police , we all tak sabar to see him in his uniform . Proud moment seyh . Not sure how those bad guys will be scared of him , cause Khai has the angelic and budak baik face . Not garang or fierce type. haha . And yes , kenal bertahun2 but I have not yet hear him swear or mengamuk … hahahh . Very the budak baik kan

The boys in our group is mostly anak mak so indeed if they were to land themselves a gf , the gf confirm happy dapat them . Don’t know if they wil berubah because now they are sane , nanti dpt gf . It will drive them crazy . hahahahahaha . Women are crazy creature wadd .

There you have it . My dulang boys and girls . They are not required to do much on my big day except carrying the dulangs and walking behind me during the akad nikah . I wouldn’t want them to stay by my side all the time except the crucial moments . There is no better people that I ask for than them .

I have not yet created the WHATS APP group chat , thinking of doing it after my ROMM registration which is next month . My bandung trip will be about them too . Getting their outfit there .

Speaking of which , I need to get their sizes ehhh .. 14 days to goo seyhhh . Hotel pun belum book. .

August been a cray cray ride , baik2 okay jer . This month really testing my emotions .

Let it go … Let it gooo ..

An important lesson that I learn this month .


A lovely little girl was holding two apples with both hands.
Her mum came in and softly asked her little daughter with a smile: my sweetie, could you give your mum one of your two apples?
The girl looked up at her mum for some seconds, then she suddenly took a quick bite on one apple, and then quickly on the other.
The mum felt the smile on her face freeze. She tried hard not to reveal her disappointment.
Then the little girl handed one of her bitten apples to her mum,and said: mummy, here you are. This is the sweeter one.

No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay judgement. Give others the privilege to explain themselves. What you see may not be the reality. Never conclude for others.

Don’t judge a person until you actually see her or him in person and most importantly don’t have to tell others also because they also don’t know you yet . Even if you do heard it from someone else , just keep quiet about it . Don’t have to tell the whole world . 


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