The groom that sweats a lot …. And Bandung

And Yes , I am talking about A . Very *troublesome* leyy if you have a fiance like A. Tidur or makan must always have good position of fan or aircon . hahahahaha . But the good thing is he doesn’t smells lah . No B-O , sometimes smells nicer than me . I know cause I like to smell his shoulder . Very weird habit kan ……… Only that when it gets too hot , he will really sweat a lot . Sometime when we are eating at Mr Teh-Tarik or at Al-Azhar , i tend to look up to see him sweating .

Relax ahh brother , makan naan dgn keema jer per .. hahaha . So yeah , this boy sweat glands last warning sia . I on the other hand , can sleep without the aircon and fan . Too cold , and you will not see me sleeping . So there’s an obvious reason why we are not going our big honeymoon right after the wedding though its still winter . Chances are , I will be in the hotel room snuggled up in bed, too lazy and scared to brave the coldness.

Then one day , it hits me . Then Wedding how seyh ??  Confirm plus chop he will sweat on the pelamin. Dekni kalau sweat confirm muka cramp . Takkan pantin nk lap peluh dia sendiri kan . hahahaha . Kat tepi letak tissue kotak . Furthermore , ours would be a bertandang majlis . A lot of movement will be taken. Mine would be the MPH , and A would be under the void deck .

So obviously we wanted something that can help A not to sweat a lot . Dulu boleh lah ada orang (orang kuat) diri sebelah tolong kipaskan . hahaah . Kita tak nak lah jadi pengantin yang selfish , nak suruh orang kipas kan kita segala . So we started to source out the solution . Bila talk about heat , everybody will confirm mention fan and aircon . So cari punya cari , we manage to source out a few .


(Industrial Fan) , the contacts that I got for these big kipas that are to places near the pelamin or around the wedding area are going at $35/pcs . You can book it for 2 two days for that amount .

11998887_1656754544543298_2443525541740611478_n                 10407530_498118053661713_235583481412484786_n

(Air Coooler) . There a few vendors on fb , craiglist and mapletree that posted about these huge air cooler .  Starting price at $150/pcs for rental for wedding .These would be a good help for those pantins to last the whole day . Make up tak cair . Muka pun tak cramp . haha

I haven’t really discuss with A on which one we should get . My MPH is equipped with a side fan on top of the pillars and quite open . So the wind access is quite enough with the fan . I’m good with anyone of the above as long as I don’t see A sweating profusely and me  being cranky and all if that day , the sun decides to shine brightly for us .

A ada suggest for us to buy the ones in Giant or electrical store . The ones where u can put in the bedroom . Ahhh yelarhx , kecik gitu ! You sorang yang jer per yang kat atas pelamin . This anak ahh sometimes talk no sense one . Benda ni pun bukannya tinggi . Limit2 , your kaki jer yang kena the cooler . Remind me again , why am i getting married to you ?? hahhahahaha


So yes , waiting for the green light from my parents too. Not sure if they are also keen on getting more than 1 unit of either the fan or air cooler for the wedding . #8 DAYS to my ROMM registration and Kadi selection . Masyallah , how fast time flies kan .  I just got back from Jakarta and Bandung last monday. I really enjoy the trip having my parents by my side . Though it sure stir up the panic in me if i see that my parents are uncomfortable . A was there too . Alhamdulillah , kita selamat pergi and pulang .

The crazy part was , my parents had our house curtains done there and it was damn cheap . We did two set of design for the living room , one for the kitchen and for two rooms amounting to only $1K . My mum told me that it is way way cheaper than here . We always have ours done for probably $900 plus just for the living room . Few wedd items that we manage to grab also .

I managed to get my bridesmaid and bridesmates attire . The only regret is that I don’t get the kain for my dulang and also A’s . But mayb got hikmah lah , we are thinking of getting ready made baju melayu for A  and just getting my songket in Arab street and getting it sewn by our family tailor .

I hope my parents enjoy the trip as much as I did . Everything went smoothly as what we plan . Our driver that brought us around was good . Very experience and all . He charge us $45/- per day . Very cheap kann . In that one day , we can go to few places . It was an all expenses paid trip by me in which my parents just paid for their shopping . hahahha . Mak i borong kalah dari i so i cannot sponser that . 5 months to the wedding , and I at times want feb to reach in maybe a year time . I’m ready to get married but not ready leaving my parents and not getting to see their faces when i wake up and sleep …*wails*

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