DJ Booked

The second vendor that I had booked in April this year would be my entertainment vendor . This part I sought the opinion of having a DJ/EMCEE or a musical band from my parents . Since we would be bertandang , I won’t be around the whole time at my venue . I love acoustic musical bands like Alto Aura , Sri Mahligai , Munir band and etc . Love how they churn out the malay old 50s songs like getaran jiwa , lancang kuning , nona singapura and of course Selasih Ku Sayang. SKS was the song my late grandfather humm to everytime he was multi tasking . May allah bless his sweet soul .

Kusiram selasih
Kusiramkan di hujung halaman
Mengenangkan kasih wahai sayang
Lambang percintaan

These old songs mendayu-dayu one . I grow up hearing these songs from my grandparents . But the irony is that , my parents don’t want a musical band . MY PARENTS tau . The ones that know this genre more than me requested not to have a live band .  I was so close to book Alto Aura , already requested a meet up when they say to me , ” Kak , Ayah tak suka live band tau . Nanti orang ngantuk dengar2 lagu lama2 macam mana ” . Ya Allah , my heart drop the moment he said that. No offence to those who took live bands , if i were invited . I would surely appreciate you having a live band . I would be humming along while chomping down nasi minyak . hehe . My parents darah muda ahh . Both still love rock kapak more than ever so having lagu lama2 not to their liking i think.

My dad wasn’t the one that always want to get involved in anything .So when he said that . I of course immediately , “Mummy !!! Ayah tak nak live band” . Yup aku pekik bilang mak aku . Of course lah , bini mesti backing laki mahh . My mum pun sekaki . Rejected the idea of a malay live band . Cisss , use the “ader hyrul anuar” line pun tak boleh pakai . For obvious answer , it would have to be DJ/EMCEE kan. Tapi ni dua orang ada sepecial request lagi , kalau boleh yang ada karaoke .

Ni yang aku pantang ni , KARAOKE ehh . I cringe when I go to wedding where there would be brave pakcik or makcik singing ikut suka hati dorang . Imagine mine!Mesti ada orang cringe jugak . HAHAHA . My relatives beside my dad memang kaki karaoke kalau nak dikatakan .

After all the persuasion yang tak menjadi and small tiff . DJ pun DJ lah . It didn’t take too long for me to ask the rest of the BTBS if they can recommend me any entertainment vendor . These few vendors are from my previous post and the ones that I have compiled .

-MIS Entertainment

-Asnisa Crew 

-HeyZee Entertainment

-Dann’s Entertainment

-Arjuna Entertainer

-Wandio Music Entertainment

-Puteri Z Entertainment


But of course , MIS takes the cake . Though they charges slightly higher than the rest but I took them along with the March Promo that they throw in which is $100/- off for the whole package. It was an impulse decision if you were to ask honestly . Cause I wasn’t really that sure about them and how they would perform . After I place my deposit , I still search for other entertainment vendors . MASIH AHH . I was bumped when I found out that Dann’s Entertainment package comes with TV or Projector to showcase videos or pictures of the couple should they want to . All that for the same price just like MIS . Its okay lah . Siapa cepat dia dapat kan .

My worries subsidised when I attended BTB Syida wedding and turns out that she engaged MIS ! They were so engaging and the Emcee was very informative and doesn’t rush through everything . Booking them was easy too , Abang Ilhami was the one arranging everything . Our next meetup would be maybe few weeks before the wedding to finalize the song list and etc .

So yes , Entertainment BOOKED .

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