Kompang Booked

I was looking back at my all posts when I decided to tweak it here and there . Turns out , there is a few vendors that I have engaged but I forget to list and post it here . First up is my KOMPANG . 

photo (5)

It had to be Akrab ! This decision was made entirely by me . A was fine with whatever choices I had in mind . I remember asking for quotation from a few groups but only Akrab got my attention ever since their performance video went viral on facebook . Liasing with them was so breezy , from the moment I ask for their quotation till the meet up and all . Akrab also have the most affordable charges for berarak . (2 ways)

When researching for Kompang , there were 3 main concern that we had .

-must be loud and clear (hafalan surah or songs)

– Big seater bus ( 2 ways )

– entertaining and engaging 

I liase with Rizal and Razli through out the whole process . Just on whatssap to know if they have availability on that day .  Our meet up at Lot 1 was to confirm every details and pass them the deposit . We met up with Rizal kalau tak silap lah . They are twins , so not sure which is which . Both of them is very friendly and helpful so when A meet up with them , he was happy I decided to take them.

Getting our invoice was also easy breezy , two days after the meet up I receive the invoice with their letterhead . Very efficient . Siap with all the contact person numbers and address lagi .  They told us to think of two recitations or songs that we want them to perfom but up till now , I can’t get the ” Pening Lalat ” song out of my head . hahaha

So here it is , the Kompang Team for our wedding .


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