2 wheels

We have been together for approx 3 year plus . Getting hitched on our 4th anni and time really do fly by so fast . 5 more pay checks to clear till our Big Day . A have always been the most influential person in my life up to date . Someone that holds a 5 kind of license under his name.Very resourceful , never give up attitude and can always turn a NO to a YES . Its no wonder my mum loves him though it challenges her ego sometimes .

When you love somebody , you accept everything in . The good and bad , the strength and flaws. In my case , I accept the reality that my husband to be LOVES motorcycles. Especially big bikes .It’s funny when people question his capability for big bikes cause he isn’t that tall . Same height as me .You know what they say , kecil-kecil-kecil chilli padi .  3 years , and he have change up to a num of 5  bikes . There are some other bikes that he rode before me but thats not my tale to tell . heh

photo (7) Dating Days ! Many memories with this R1 but mostly are cramped legs aftermath of a long journey ride . A love this bike so much cause he was with it even before knowing me.

                                       10402772_719347154807937_2122596140556056163_n                                          Our first hand Gilera . No couple pic in my phone . A didn’t tell me the reason he sell the above bike to buy this bike but I know for sure for the fact that I was complaining to him that it wasn’t comfortable . So even if you never tell me , i KNOW ok . THANK YOUphoto 2 (4)                 KTM525 was my ultimate love . If I can’t ride it , A will ride it .  Few months of having it is good enough but the most fond memory is having it break down . This bike most manja and most sakit hati . Maintanence costing more than our shopping expenses combined . At this point of year , A felt that dirt bikes wasn’t his type and he miss being on the track and the fast adrenaline that bikes always give him .              photo (4)                             CBR1000 , the bike that make us tear.   Letting it go is so hard . I grew attached to this bike because whenever I told A , I needed to reach home fast . This big baby will bring me safe always . Even with all the illegal mods on it , we manage to give it away safe and sound . With this bike , I watch A race for the first time . 3 days before selling it , we took a photo shoot with it because someone wants to have it frame in the new house soon .                                                                                                         photo 4 (4)                                                #MisiTHAILAND . Our latest bike . A touring bike . And of course KL anytime and any when from now on . 2 weeks on to it and loving the pillion seat . So comfortable . To many memories insyallah ………

He’s active both on the racing track and going as far as the straits of Malaysia on a bike . At first I don’t get it , why would you want to make yourself feel so uncomfortable travelling to KL or Penang on a bike when you can just book a bus or plane . As the saying goes , “Only riders will know ” . Then again with A , accepting his bike passion means accepting his riders friends . I found friends in them too , such  funny and fun bunches of people . I have seen them from marriage to getting pregnant and now being godparents to 2 of them. I’m not sure how some will react if you know your other half mixes with the other gender in the same group.  I never feel insecure or  jealous if A is going riding with the lady riders . They are so nice and easy to get along with . Never feel that I should be there too if the ladies are around . My inspiration definitely seyh . U know like those girls , badan kecik2 but ride a Class 2 bike . Girl Crush seyh. And they are so sopan , call each other by name.

The reason I wrote this post was when I reflect all the good times I had with A . All the adventures and all . The struggle to let go one of the few bikes that we love . Sampai menangis cause we are so attach to it . 3 years plus and we never have a fb picture album dedicated to us and 3 years plus indeed that we swear that whatever happens , breaking up or time off is never in our dictionary . Our special date falls on every 13th , nowdays we don’t need a ig post or fb post to dedicate each other with . Only sometimes when we look at the phone and realize that it’s the 13th then we will go like ” Happy 13th baby ” . hahahah

Thank you for always keeping me safe up till today whenever i’m at the back . For always reminding me to wear proper shoes and clothing should i ever folllow . And a big thank you for letting me wash eyes seeing your cute and handsome biker friends. (inside joke) ahaha . photo 1 (6)                            Always know that I will try to support you in whatever decision you take as long not merepek meraban ahh . With so many hobbies you have , always know I have the best interest for you . And now that today you receive your increment and upgrading letter , don’t forget my TONY ROMA’S this coming payday .Let’s continue not holding each other backs and not clipping each other wings and enjoy what life have to offer us .  And one day , hope to tell our children each of our own solo trip experience and how we must tell them that where ever we go , always to be safe for there is always someone back home waiting for us to return.

photo (9)


3 thoughts on “2 wheels

  1. nurellisya says:

    I feel you with the bike situations. My H has a thing for bikes too, from small bikes to big bikes all. I don’t get it at first too but it’s funny how we can grow attach to them so easily. He also likes to go to tracks and frequently ask me along but I am the lazy fiancee who always choose sleep hahaha. Skali they know each other eh?

    • erianazai says:

      yahh babe . everytime he ajak me i will either be sleeping or making other plans . pulak tu they like to go impromtu . hahaha . not sure if your fiance knows mine but people know him as Adam Jaafar(his real name) lah kan . hahaha

  2. shonilia says:

    I’m sure you’ll love going on the tourer 🙂 I’ve only followed my bf to KL but we had so much fun! 😁😁😁 would love to go to Thailand too if we had the time. Anyway congrats on ur upcoming wedding!

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