Marriage registration and Tok Kadi

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        Marriage Registration ✓  –   Tok Kadi  ✓

             Syukur Alhamdulillah , we register our marriage exactly on the 147 days .  I wanted to join the bandwagon of the 150 days too but there were alot of aspect that needed my parents approval . Like , the timing of the nikah especially and since we have not bought our mas kahwin . We wanted to ask their opinion so that we need not amend anything. Any amendment would require you to pay $15 . Cekik Darah right .  We did it on A’s phone . Took us maybe 5 – 7 mins . It’s better to do it on yr desktop so its easier for you guys to navigate and for everyone convenience also .

So yes #TeamUstazIsmail . A few of us took him also . Not because nak boria or wad but when we share we kind of agree that Ustaz Ismail give the santai but firm vibe . Very cool and collective guy . He lives in the east , and my nikah place would be in the west . I know choosing the Kadi living near to your place would be the most recommended one but none was in my ideal Kadi list so kita berserah and redha jer. Besides our nikah is at night , so hopefully not too rushing . A had assign the choosing of Kadi to me .

So I sieve through past BTB’s wedding video and even google to see their face . Sometimes mengamuk sendiri , especially with VIMEO . When I forward the video to the nikah part cannot already .The video cannot load . IRRITATING . I CRY OR TEAR UP every wedding video so if i were to see everything from the start . Nanti orang cakap,macam kena dera pulak with red and puffy eye segala .  So I started my list.

  • Ustaz Pasuni Maulan
  • Ustaz Mohamed Khair
  •                                                                       Ustaz Ismail Terimoh                                                                           


                  These 3 Kadi have the 3 important criteria that I wanted

                       -Clear and loud pronounciation

                      -Not to draggy and many story telling

                     – Firm but calm and not too fierce looking . (HARUS)

I was torn between Ustaz Khair and Ustaz Ismail . Both have the most recommended Kadi’s by my friend .But evenutally Ustaz Imail takes the cake . To top it off , he is a good friend to my uncle who is also an Ustaz . Siap call him lagi after knowing from my mother that I took him as my Kadi . My Uncle would be my witness from my side . May Allah gives him good health and strength. Insyallah

Don’t get me wrong I have always love hearing the taklik nikah and all but point 2 was the most important of all . I have been to few weddings that the Kadi goes on and on and on with regard to marriage advice . 15 mins and ongoing but the akad nikah still have not begin . Pantin laki pun dh start to nervous and look panicky . Nak turn tengok the Pantin girl mcm cannot kan .

In my case cannot , I and A can communicate by the “eye and mouth telepathy ” . Usually if we want to cabut from someone or the person that talk to us mcm paham or talk so much . We will look at each other without saying anything then we know . OKAY TIME TO CABUT . hahahah . Obviously , I and A cannot cabot on our nikah day kan .  A sweat very fast prior to my previous post , so imagine how 15 mins is going to be like .

One major thing was that , my wali is also the cepat panic type . My Daddy !! May Allah bless his kind soul and hopefully give him the health to give me away on that day . My dad is the cool , calm and relax type . Later that day all eyes on him seyh . I scared he feel pressurized so thats why chooisng a Kadi that not intimidate him is important  . I scared he will be a nervous wreck with the dahi berkerut and all . hahah . To date , I saw 15 registration being made to get married on our date also . So yes , ONE MAJOR STEP TO being HALAL DONE.

I wanted to list all about the process of registering your marriage but I figure that most of my fellow BTB ada blog about it too but just remember once your countdown hits 150 days , you guys can register already . And registering your marriage is $39 for us Singaporeans .  Besides maaf lah yer  I have no time to list out cause my work email is calling out to me and my stomach is growling . Hopefully to tahan till the evening to break my fast . hehe . Those who are fasting today , May Allah bless you all for the reward of Arafah .

Cant’s wait to blog about my wedding shoes and my choosen dulang items soon . My October onwards is line up with so many good events . May Allah ease our affairs as the days goes by . Amin

              SALAM AIDILADHA SEMUA . (advance) ❤


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