First Draft

photo (10)

My BM were asking me with regard on the meet up and all . I have not yet finalise everything  cause not only I need A’s approval but I need both parents approval too . They were more excited than me . Each time I log in to get my work running, I always tend to get distracted with something else . Lately have been about bollywood songs .

Luckily for me , I had time in the office today to ask one of my friend her planning for a separate wedding itinerary. This is just the first draft for our timing and activity for our sanding on Sunday . I am so full from yesterday feasting . The mother had Nasi Jagung and dishes in the house . And to top it off , my FMIL sambal goreng pengantin . Blessed Aidiladha 2015 .

GoodBye Hazy Friday . Hello Weekends


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