So initially I wanted our course to be as close to our wedding month so that the information that we gather from the course is still fresh in the mind . Kira “tangkap feel” ahh . Like since if we are hitching in Feb . Why not take it in Jan ! Kalau apa-apa , we can rujuk balik to what we learn . Then it hit me , by Nov onwards we would be so freaking busy with vendor appointments . And I have not even met up with my decor person to choose our decor theme and colour .

I was thinking in my head how long roughly we need to set our appointments with our vendor and the rest mention like 3 months before our wedding month . High likely Nov>Jan 2015. And obviously Jan , some vendors would be so busy and all cause that is where all the 2016 wedding will start .

Since I don’t like to play the risk card , I told A that we would be going for the Oct ones . Which Company ?? I don’t know yet . I have to consider few factors about the marriage course too. Like for vendor appointment , we could meet up with them on weekdays after working hours . Own time own target. Even if we were to meet them at their location also we don’t mind .

But for marriage course , obviously we cannot take on weekdays. We have to consider either burning one to two weekend dates . As usual , A left me to decide on it .  I scribble everywhere , on my work notes and all finding out the main organization that runs the Muslim pre marriage course . So I did what we girls do best , I stalked or in nicer way I monitor the main organization schedule taking into consideration those that might be near to us or the one that many of the past or soon to be btb’s recommended .

Apkim (Link: Apkim)

For personalized 1 day session

Duration: 1-day programme from 9.30am to 6.00pm (for personalized 1day session)
$300 per couple (Mon to Sat) in Malay
$320 per couple (Sundays) in Malay
$400 per couple ( Fri & Sat) in English
Possible Locations: Only at Apkim Resources (134 Arab Street, Singapore 199824)

For 2-days Programme (Small group workshop) Cinta Abadi 

Duration: 2days programme (small group workshop) 
Cost: $260 per couple for both English and Malay workshops
Possible Locations: Only at North Bridge Road

Kasih Sejati (Suchi Success) (Link: Kasih Sejati (Suchi Success))

Duration: 2-day programme
Cost: $300 per couple
Possible Locations:
Suchi Success Training Centre                                                     (152 Paya Lebar Road #04-05 , Citipoint@Paya Lebar)


Duration: 2-day programme
Cost: $260 per couple
Possible Locations:
Masjid Al – Mukminin (Malay)
14-15 Nov 2016

Since 9am would be quite the “liat nak siap” time on weekends . Of course we wanted the location to be near us but on the other hand also we want the condusive and comfortable facilities where we would be in. Most of my friends never mention SPMC but when I look through their website , wearing a tudung is compulsary because it would be held in the masjid . Some say that the ambience of the masjid would high likely make you feel respectful and cosy . Automatic make you feel calm and no hanky panky ahh . Cannot wink2 at your partner or meleseh .

Would it be enough to fit everything in for a one day course (very tempting ) but hey let’s just make it worth it . The money , the knowledge and everything . 2 days of learning something that might be beneficial in the long run insyallah will benefit us . In terms of language for the course , we no hal . Some things are better explain in our native language . heh . If we talk confirm like rojak , got mix malay and english . Lagi-lagi bila gaduh , starting in english tiba2 melayu semua keluar . We switch language faster when we are mad . haha .

Tanya pun tanya , Kasih Sejati was the one most of my friends had and will be attending . They say the they really enjoy both days and worth the amount spent .Tak cukup with their thoughts and review , I check on google to see other people review also . So check punya check , the date that we wanted is cancel . We don’t mind Masjid Ar Raudah initially cause it is so near to our houses too but I got to ask A first if he really confirm on getting the 2 days course on Oct and if the backup date would be ok for him since he work on alternate Saturday .

Next available date would be 10-11 Oct 2016 at their headoffice itself .

photo (11)

Insyallah , we will make the decision tonight . October is gonna be jam packed and insyallah filled with productivity , positivity and happiness .



  1. thelastrosepetal says:

    My plan initially was also to attend the course nearer to the wedding for the same reason – that we wont forget what we learnt. But after reconsidering again, maybe not such a good idea coz few months leading up to the wedding will be jam packed with meetings.

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