14 boxes and 2000 pieces of berkat paper bag ?? From Ayer Hitam to Singapore ! Is it possible ??? Indeed yo ! Well that was what happen to my family when we went to Ayer Hitam to get my side of berkat . Luckily for us , we had two car with us . 4 in one car , another 10 in another car . How big is this box . It’s this big  …Each boxes can fit 72 pieces of the item. Luckily for us , its not the big dimensional kind of boxes .

photo (17) photo (16)

The whole berkat issue was the most tough one of all . My mum couldn’t agree to what ever I suggested . Either too simple lah , not nice lah , bad quality lah and etc . To my opinion and gut feeling , she rejected everything simply because she want me to follow her way . This berkat saga , made me argue with her a lot of times . She rejected my ideas and when I come to a conclusion she will say , ” Okay you can order what you want but I won’t invite all my friends and all ” . So you see whatever I wanted , there is a price to pay . One such example , if i were to order towels . She wants it to be 100% cotton and not those microfiber type.

My intention was simple , I don’t want her to spend too much on the berkat .I wanted it to be as low costing as possible . If possible I want it to be as practical as possible but you know mothers , have a lot of things going on in their mind .They overthink too much . So long I have not made the initiative to bring her to jb , she will keep giving hints and sometimes kicking a fuss in the house . Why Jb ? Cause my kakak sedara got married last year and my mum sponsered her berkat that they bought from the kedai Kawin-Kawin . It was a cup with saucer set and since then I think member dh simpan niat , if the anak get married she will also buy in jb . But on that Saturday , she wanted to go ayer hitam because my godmother say there is a long stretch of wedding shops there . Le sigh .

We went in quite late that day , around 4pm we just cleared the Tuas Checkpoint . There was no jam or whatsoever at both checkpoint . So we straight away headed towards Ayer Hitam .Cleared so many toll there too .  Journey to AY was roughly 1 and a half hour . As soon we turn right to AY , greeted by so many kedai that sells wedding stuffs . This is the first shop that I went too , their variety was endless but I didn’t buy anything from there cause I was pretty sure the kedai belakang2 might be selling cheaper.  And this shop is jahat because although you see their price is murah2 and all,they have not include the gst yet . Boring ….

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (7)

So we leave the first store and headed towards the back . My mum couldn’t find the thing that she wanted at the first store. Mati-mati she say she that time saw at the Kawin-Kawin store this item , kalau sana ada . Means ayer hitam also must have .  So kita ikutkan jer lahh . This second store is the most cekik darah store ever . I think if i didn’t show my unhappy face or whatsoever my mum would have bought from them .

photo (18)

photo 3 (8)

This kedai atas is so annoying so to speak . Dahlah kedai kecik , the sales person follow us around  . Even when we want to sit by the side , they will also stand beside us.Small shop but more than 10 pekerja . Don’t even get me started on the employer . Unfortunately , mum found her berkat idaman at this store . The one that I think she idam-idamkan . What makes me mad that they think they could fool us Singaporeans .

The item that my mum wanted cost about RM2.50 . No practicality at all . It was a crystal cup with beautiful engravings . Indeed it was nice but I don’t have a good opinion of it being given to people and not being used . So my mum open her mouth and raise the negotiation flag . The annoying lady boss quote us RM2.30 . With the good exchange rate of course my mum said YES to it . I already had an unhappy face plasted on my face . I could not believe that my mum wanted to give something that people might not be able to use . So sayang her money . I was really concern on that loh . And this price have not include the outer box lagi .

Then this happen , my mum ask. “DO YOU PROVIDE DELIVERY ?” . They said yes . When we tell them the delivery is to Singapore . Guess what they say . The jacked up the price to RM3 and charges us to $180 SGD for delivery . Straight away I said no lah.Mana boleh suka hati seyh . I told my parents straight . No point on them spending so much on berkat that people not gonna use and all . So i turn around and showed them this,

photo (17)

A crystal cup that be also used for drinking and comes with the transparent handle box. They quoted RM2.8 for this . Paling kurang RM2.5 . My mum ask for more discount cause she wants to try her luck and besides we are buying more than 1000 pieces. By this time , the irritating Lady Boss mati2 say cannot lah . No untung lah . No GST already lah . KKPL Lahh . She simply just sit down and order all her pekerja to attend to us while she watch . No customer service at all .

In order to save my parents , I just told them its okay . We will look around .We started to move out of the shop . Tu pun the sales person die die ikut kita say , RM 2.50 dh murah kak . Whatever not lah .  My mum was panicky already because she was scared that bila kita keluar we wouldn’t get the RM 2.50 discount price but behold .Sometimes Allah’s plan is better than us .

The kedai beside it sells the exact item belonging to cute old age couple agrees to sell it to us for RM2.30 .My dad only needed to negotiate once with that price and the cute auntie mending the shop agrees on it.This kedai TAO MEI saves the day .photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (8)

photo 3 (9)

There was only the old age couple and one adik in the store but they layan us so good. They had all 1000 plus stock of per berkat with them . Initially we wasn’t sure if we could fit all in . We were darn sure that we had to come back one more time to collect the rest . But A was persistent , he told us that it was possible . And there is no way that coming back there for the second time is a good idea .  So we try with 7 boxes first .

photo 1 (10)

photo 2 (9)

Did we regretted trying ?? Of course not . A of course was the genius lahh . Since my sister fiance’s car is empty . We will place 10 boxes in car and 4 in our car in the boot cause my parents had to sit somewhere kan .

Best part about this story is that , the annoying kedai sebelah approach my sister’s fiance to tell us something . This time round, dia pun BOSS . I think the husband to that irritating woman . He dare to approach us and tell us that he can give us for the price of RM2.2 even lower than what we bought ours . He said , ” OHH TADI SAYA BELUM DATANG , saya tak tahu . ” Kepala otak dia . That was what he said when we were busy packing the sutffs in the car . Tapi at last , tahu nk cakap  tkda rezeki dia  when my dad mention that we asked for discount quite a few times before moving off to the kedai sebelah . Sakit hati lah tu cause we clear out the kedai’s stock while he watch only  . Pikir orang tnya suka-suka per . LOL

The journey back is smooth and safe though we had our food cum dinner at 8pm from the moment we reach in jb at 4pm .

Everything is safe and sound as of now , my mum is insisting on getting like  sweets or something to put it inside . Now that the main item have been bought , i have been spared the argument and ear painful conversation from the mother .

So to convert everything in SGD

Berkat- $0.60 / Paper Bag – $0.26 = $0.86

Ok dah selesai my berkat story . Nak beli berkat pun susah eh . Ok time to tap out .


12 thoughts on “BERKAT STORY 1 (BRIDE SIDE)

  1. Dya Reza says:

    Chanced upon your blog whilst googling berkats 😀 Congratulations on your marriage! Btw, did you have to pay additional tax at SG customs for all those berkats?

    • erianazai says:

      hi babe. thank you !! sorry for the late reply . i didn’t have to pay babe cause there was quite a few num of people in the car . if you are buying in large quantity try getting two cars and split the bill .

  2. Hazwani says:

    Hahaha your comments about mums and berkats is so spot on! Kadang mcm dah malas nk argue especially about something yg i know orang in the end pun tk kisah sangat about (berkat). Lol. And thank you about the recommendations! Will go and visit Ayer Hitam today 🙂

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