Kasih Sejati Marriage Course (Confirm)

So in response to yesterday post , I mentioned that I have to wait for A’s decision on the confirmation of taking Kasih Sejati as our organizer for our pre wedding marriage course . Since we wanted to get it done once October sets in . Kasih Sejati have the perfect date and timing. A also had agree on having the two day course instead of the one day full course . The temptation was there for the one day course but it would be for another organizer . I took the leap and trusted my btb’s recommendation of Kasih Sejati and book our slot . Only until I have filled up the form and submit it . A calls me telling me that he needed to work on that Saturday . Looks like he got to apply leave then .

The process is quite east to book your slot for marriage course . So for example mine is Kasih Sejati ,

  1.                    Monitor the dates and location for the course here (www.kasihsejati.com)                        photo (11)

2.                              Click on the date that you want and fill up all the details .

photo (12)

3.                    After submitting your register form . Wait for the payment transaction as                                                                               such.

photo (16)

4.                                            Payment can be done like so.

photo (14)

I did mine through ibanking on desktop . You need to get back with them with a screenshot of your transfer including the amount and and their acc num . I refresh my page as soon as i transfer .And when I just send them my reference num , they call to tell me they wanted the whole details . What i did was , i screenshot half my transaction history and send it to them . hahahaha . After sending the screenshot of your transfer , indicate one of your name , nric , hp num and date of the course .

If you are the type cannot wait type or fear if the money have reach their side or not . You could give them a call straight away . I wanted to cause after sending out all the details that they need . They never get back to me. I remember that before I left office yesterday I want to call them but I was tied up with work that as soon as it was time to go I totally forget about it .

But Alhamdulillah , on the way to work . I receive this email . I shall review on the course after I attend it okay . Choa Chu Kang to Paya Lebar seems ok though . haha . We’ll see .

photo (15)


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