Friday seyhh ..

Friday- Friyay, since today our company system broke down . I had the time to do on my own stuff . Usually I will do mine when my work load is minimize or when I know that I can start to kill time nearing the end of work . So today it was stickers days . There were about 4K of design but I just didn’t have time to look through everything and customize .

Capture 20 (1)STICKER 2sticker 4

stickers 1


sticker 5

Thinking of printing one design to be pasted on my nikah’s favours . My nenek wanted to give a tanda mata. We couldn’t conclude with anything , there was pulut , kipas , sweets in box , towels , tasbih and many more . So at last , we settle for Kek Berkat. I love mine from my godmother cause I grew up having her Kek Berkat at most tahlil , kenduri that we had . Kek Berkat is like so ,


I’m not sure if they are likecupcakes . But its more to spongecake i presume . I grew up with her ever delicious chocolate cake with chocolate rice batter . She makes all sorts of flavours , orange , strawberry , vanilla and even banana . I still remember when my parents send me there , I would always go to her kitchen to mess up the batter . Fond memories are seeing them pack into the round container one by one . And that two baby belling ovens that churn out these kind of babies is still around .

I don’t have a fancy oven in the house but it still does come out with awesome stuff . haha . A does have one though . His mother makes good kuih tart though i don’t quite like kuih tart but baby belling is a good investment if any of you loves to bake . So maybe should we have a child one day , I will make these and give it away for their birthdays . 10 years ago , these cakes are selling for about $0.70 . Nowdays , it’s selling for $1.20 . Same ingredient , same method . Ohhh well . Berubah ikut peredaran masa they say .

I am still thinking of the theme for our casual outdoor photoshoot next month . Cannot decide between a typical white gown bohemian theme with all the lalang-lalang or with baju kebaya melayu classic and all . My mouth is so itchy right now and I am craving for the hot samyang noodle . Need to find it lahh . PMS why you do me like this ..

Happy Weekends .


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