Limau + Anggur

photo 2 (10)

Alhamdulillah for the health and energy that Allah gave us that we manage to attend to both days of our Pre Marriage Course . Yeay .. So i’m here to blog about our pre marriage course by Suchi Success (Kasih Sejati) . 2 days of yr weekends may seem wasteful and whatever not , but once its done . You will prolly agree that going to the course is a good decision . Seeing the timing may turn some people off . Ours start at 9am and end at 630pm on the first day and start at 830am on the second day and leave at the same time. Imagine knowing that you are not working on that day but have to wake much earlier than the usual since the location is at Paya Lebar.

We were not really looking forward to it , no high expectation of whatsoever . So being each other’s alarm clock , A picked me up for both days . Luckily we ride there , should we have taken the car . It would only result in the morning jam and evening peak hours jam . Well , depends though . If you stay in the east , even better . From my place to Citipoint Paya Lebar took roughly 35mins .The nearest MRT would be Mcpherson Station. I made the decision to don the tudung for both days of the course though its not recommended or compulsary .

I choose Kasih Sejati based on few recommendations from the close gfs . Zu and Aifa went for it and truly the recommended it . Biasa lah , morning mood was solemn and senyap but once the facilitator start talking . All of them were so funny . From Mr Mohd Khair to his wife Mdm Suriati and even Ustaz Zulkefli . I enjoy every activity of it , though not much group interaction due to space constrain but whatever they shared truly pull your heart strings .Especially part , always try to be a good listener to your future spouse and always try to accept whatever they are trying to convey . Tu part . Wa terasa ! Because at times , when A try to talk to me about something . I always give him that ‘ U ni Bo*** per ‘ look  . Guilty as charge.

This was our first activity . Knowing more bout your personality and then based it on the fruits given. In which after that you compare it to partner and plot the graph .There were descriptions about every fruits . As you can see , i is an anggur and A is a limau . Tu part terus jack pot seyh .

Example lah eh ,

Anggur – Ceria, Happy Go Lucky , Creative , People’s Person , Kecoh

Limau – Pemimpin ,Cemerlang dalam crisis , Boleh buat apa saja ,  Tak Takut tentangan .

photo 1 (11)

Doesn’t mean that even if you guys are the same fruit , the relationship couldn’t work but have to learn to give and take lor . Imagine having two limau in one relationship . Dua2 pemimpin and hard headed , surely one have to give in at some point of time . Macam me and A , satu serious lagi satu tak . Ahh bagus lahh .

So yes , total of 8 modules we go through together along with the 40 plus couples that were with us . Memang ngantuk beb , imagine lunch kita makan nasi campur on first day then briyani on second day . Then after that duduk dengar their session . Confirm ngantuk and nak tutup mata kan! The key is to always have sweets in hand . Try sitting on the first row like us , confirm nak tertido pun segan  . haha . Jgn kata lunch , 2 teabreaks were also given . One at 11 plus am and the other around Asar time for prayers .  We eat our meals at the staircase outside the office since we too lazy to go down . Tapi last part paling emotional babe , we were given a sticker to pen down our feeling to our partner and then exchange it with each other . . Part tu , wa gembeng and tear up cikit . Even the lady sitting beside me tear up . haah . Kental kan kita . photo (19)

Mana tak kita sedih , first part jer kena tulis ,ada DEMI CINTAKU PADA MU . As 6pm creep in , we realise that its the ending of our course . Memang orang can share on fb , tak perlu lah attend , tak compulsary lah , tak pergi tak dapat cert kahwin all that . But in the end its all up to you , what they discuss is something that your parents might not tell you or forget to tell you or even may seem as a touchy or sensitive issue . You may even not get it from your own married friends . We truly learn alot . So yes , Alhamdulillah for the ilmu bestow upon us and we selamat pergi and pulang for both days .

And I DEFINITELY recommending KASIH SEJATI  to you guys .

Tak rugi you olls . Your $300 is used wisely insyallah in the long run towards a happily ever after .

photo 3 (10)

Us on first day . Top and tudung colour coordinated . hahahah

photo 4 (5)

Certified and top colour coordinated for second day . Atas motor pun jadi lah .

Once it ended on the second day , we straight zoom back home . Tak amek gambar with anyone pun . Hence the gambar in my blk’s carpark .So sleepy and tired already .

Till the next post xx

And today , Happy 1yr of engagement my partner in crime . May Allah keep both of us safe and away from the sins of the dunya . Lub chu ❤


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