Mari lah try Baju . ..

Monday .  Nasib my boss not in . I have a lot of things to blog about but one at a time lahh ok . Itu pun kalau i remember .So the latest update was our first fitting with Peti Solek on the 15/10 which was last thursday .   The day that I dread finally came … But I was totally excited too …

Kenapa dread ?? I was scared no baju could hit in into this body . Paranoid seyh . We knew that PS collection is quite limited but I love how the grooms outfits will always complements the brides especially their baju sanding .

Punya lah malas nak bangun for work today . I was contemplating between taking MC or dragging my ass to work. I am nursing a flu since last friday . Benci betul . Asyik nak kena blow my nose ..

I had to take leave on that day cause our appointment was at 12.30pm .And half day means I can only leave at 12pm . Mana sempat kan . A even better , he can take half day leave since his tempat kerja is just 20 mins away from the Kakak Andam place . I took taxi from Bukit Batok MRT since I visualise it to be warehouses and to walk there under the hot sun . Tak sanggup i .

We reach depan pintu dorang at 12.35pm . We were actually earlier but kita busy stuffing our faces with OCK that i bought . Both of us belum makan pun before that . The feeling of walking inside their place was OHHMAGAWD . Cannot explain ahh . I still cannot digest that I am trying on my baju2 kahwin .

We were greeted by Qee and Mas . I think Mas is new intern or Kakak Andam . Lady Boss Kak Yana pun ada . Cik Majid the ‘guru’ of alteration pun ada . There was no awkward moment at all , frm 1230pm to 230pm . Filled with laughter and teasing . Dorang punya service I tell you , EXCELLENT beb. Their words all berlapis and you can definitely see that they are not even faking it .

PS – That day I tried my outfit with my bodyshaper just in case  .So roughly I know lah kan . They will make you wear a corset before putting on the bajus . So probably korang cn tnya your respective bridal house what to bring and prepare before coming . U guys don’t need your shoes for the first fitting .

After breaking the ice and all that , straight away Qee ask us to choose our nikah baju . There were colors and the traditional white one . The coloured ones didn’t strike a connection with me so straight away I told Qee to recommend me the white ones . Lagipun my mother ada pesan for me to probably nikah in white .I am a pear shape .  Atas kecil , lower body wide . The trouble with us pear shape is that nanti baju semua dh fitting part paha tak lepas . Ala-ala Kim K gitu , you get the drift kan .BUT , no excuse lah , pear shape ker apple shape ker . With proper dier and exercise confirm can kurus . (reminder for ME)  If you are  a pear shape , here is some tips for you to hopefully choose your ideal baju . Like what has Qee tell me .

– Its best to go for two pieces . ( Not long dress , Not Jubah type )

-Let the attention be at the top. (Beading , Details , Sequins)

-Pay attention to the fit . (Baggy and Loose won’t look appealing)

Not sure if you guys watched GegarVeganza semalam but if you look at their outfit , even yang badan comel2 , wear kind of body hugging which is actually like paying attention to their fit .

I had two nikah pieces tried on , both in white . The first one was beautiful but its more to a short kebaya type at the top and mermaid skirt for the bottom . In the end , we found the right one .

Presenting our baju nikah . (Belanja one photo lah ) photo (21)

I am in love with my baju nikah . There was only a minor alteration needed at at the back and the rest is history. All fit and definitely the trail at the bottom is my favorite . A got to wear their new guy’s nikah collection . The collar all suits him the most . His baju is not the typical circle neckline .(telok blanga)

Throughout this baju nikah session , we had Qee and Mas assistance . So kelaka when they cepit our baju to visualise the fitting . Kita pulak asyik2 gerak . Sampai all the clip all jatuh and bersepah . Even when I could not fit into some pieces of the baju , dorang maintain jer . For first fitting is basically choosing and chopping your outfits so that any other couple that is getting married on the same month have to choose something else.

Qee mentioned that our month punya Brides semua nama Farhana/Farhanah . haha . So senang for them , every week asyik panggil nama sama jer .

So for nikah , we tried 3 outfits then we finally decided on the “ONE” . After belek2 the gambar over and over again , I have decided for A to change his samping colour . We are going for a more bold and striking colour . Accessories all will be choosen on the last fitting .

Our sanding outfit is the most epic of all . Kita dua jer dah sampai 4 orang attend to us. We were able to try on their newest collection under the Royal Dahlia Collection . They call it “Platinum” but Kak Yana call it “Titanium” . Silverish Songket . The bride punya is damn lawa ! Tapi sayang its the short kebaya type so it doesn’t look flattering on me . The groom punya pulak is like a kind of those modern Jovian Mandagie type . Bangsa don’t need brooch and all .

This pair of outfit jer , sampai the big boss Kak Yana all tolong kita get ready . Sampai Qee cakap , mana nak dapat Boss besar nak tunduk2 lipatkan your seluar to measure . hahaha . Anyway that pair of outfit , hopefully one of you guys able to carry it and bring justice to it . For sanding outfit , we tried 3 outfits until we found the “ONE” .

photo (22)

.What i love about it is the trail at the bottom . Imagine songket and trail . Best of both . Our sanding outfit , kita sampai dapatkan 4 panel of judges to judge . There’s Kak Yana , Qee , Mas and Cik Majid( the tailor) . Our decision is also sorely based on their judgement cause we figure out that they might know better lah kan . Kak Yana left afterwards after checking admin stuffs and all . Best kan , datang office order Mcd checks on her workers , the customers and eventually leave for the day . I pun nak seyhhh . 9-5 job is so mehhhhh..

So after picking out the two outfits and taking our measurement comes our last outfit . This part wasn’t that exciting because I didn’t get much choices . Most of the Lynda Rahim collection and also PS house collection is limited . Please take note eh , PS nya Royal Dahlia collection range from 300-450. If you guys berkenan with any of the Lynda Rahim collection pun akan ada additional $$$$$$ . So standby for your bridal expenses to reach up to $3500 . I did tell Qee of the arrangement of what I want since the choices for me here is limited . They had an outfit just fit for me and all but it doesn’t feel right . I mean the baju doesn’t really speaks lah . Even A knows that I wasn’t really that confident on the last outfit .  Even if your sizes is not there , they can even get it directly from Lynda Rahim straight from the runway but with the additional KA-CHING !

If you guys nya rezeki lebih , go ahead and take the Lynda Rahim collection . Confirm korang will not regret it . Adam suit’s will be from them . Qee personally choses the right one for him . Slim fit cutting and all . So nice and suave .

After choosing our 3 outfits , we sat down with Qee to discuss about about our contract and all and she even draft out itinerary for us. Best kan . We came empty handed seyh .No planning , no itinerary yet . After that day , and together with fellow BTB Shyda’s itinerary , I decided to do one . Thank you bnyk2 SHYDA ! We were required to pay our next deposit and then our first fitting session eventually ended . Actually ours was longer than expected cause while we were discussing , the next couple for their first fitting session also walked in .

That moment we knew , OMG . Lama nya . Kita semua tak tengok jam pun seyh. There was no sign of urgency or whatsoever on that day . They never rush us , never keep looking at their watch , never feel that you are too big or too small for their bajus . And also at every time , they will make you feel comfortable . SO standy by for a lot of laughing and usik mengusik moments . Customer service so good that even though another couple already start choosing their baju , Qee still send us to the door to talk and bid us goodbye . SEMPAT Advise lagi , those taking transport . Bawak jangan laju-laju . Badan maintain kalau boleh kurangkan sikit and not forgetting GUYS , kalau boleh jangan angkat weight sampai badan berketak-ketak . Nanti baju ketat.

The only thing I dislike is that tempat tu takda air , hahahahaah . Dah cakap and ketawa banyak-banyak haus pulak . Nasib ada vending machine dekat tingkat dua punya carpark . hahah

So yeap , berakhir sudah my lengthy post about my first fitting . We ended the day by visiting A’s grandparents . Bought some food at Adam’s Road and spend time from 4-7 there with the rest .

OHH yes before I forget , Qee ada mention that starting from 2017 onwards . Their baju will only cater till UK10 cause they say bigger sizes kurang response and not sellable . Tapi who knows they might change their mind kan . Tapi jangan risau , alot more other bridals that offers for UK10 and above . So jealous of you all yang badan kecik2 molek or yg type makan tahap tak makan 10 tahun tapi tetap maintain jer and kurus . Damn you metabolism !

BUT yes , I am definitely recommending Peti Solek to you guys for the fellow 2017 onwards BTB’s . They would never shove anything to your face just cause they think you could only fit to that baju . No hard selling at all . Never compare your skin clr towards certain colours . Senang kata , dorang memang terbaik lahhh !!!

Till the next one .xx


12 thoughts on “Mari lah try Baju . ..

    • erianazai says:

      alahai ,its okay lahh babe . kalau you suka just give it a try . my badan pun tak propotionate seyhh .but go where your heart it ans surely you will be happier . dun be like me , dh book ps masih nk check out other bridal . last2 baru happy .hahaha

  1. Noor says:

    Salam Farhanah

    I am an avid follower of your blog. Firstly, congratulations for being blissfully married! You look absolutely stunning! I am getting married soon this year InsyaAllah and I’m also having Peti Solek as my bridal. I already went for my first fitting but intend to change a few bajus after discussing with my parents and future in-laws. Have you previously experienced this before? From your experience, is this allowed? Hope to hear your reply soon.

    Congratulations once again! 🙂

    • erianazai says:

      wssalam noor , thnks for reading this humble blog ! hehe . Congrats on getting peti solek babe . i didn’t regret taking them though . Okay for the fitting kan , actually you are entittled to change but i’m afraid the outfits that you aimed or avail masa your fitting will not be avail the next time round . Here’s the thing , what I recommend to you is . You email them ASAP , tell them that your parents don’t agree on the colour or whatever not . Make your stand and case strong something that allow PS to consider . And if you happen to see masa tu the outfit that you wanted , screenshot and email sekali . since they have your measurement , they can tell if you can fit atau tak . Just email babe . Don’t be scared ok . If you never try , you will never know . Good Luck =)

      • Noor says:

        Thank you so much Farhanah <3! Yeah I feel so pening undergoing this process now. There're a million and one people telling you different things on which baju looks nice and which doesn't. But I guess the people we want to please most are our parents la kan. And even then there're differences in opinions. It's just so tough to make decisions! Hehe thanks giving me the courage to email them. I just did. I hope they empathise 🙂 And keep blogging love reading your entries 🙂 🙂 🙂

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