Blow a candle make a wish .

So these few days , I kept dreaming the same dream . And its not wedding related kind of dream . Not the kind I walk down the aisle only to find A is not the one I’m marrying .  I dreamt about my future house and in that house , I was hosting . Yes , truly yours was in the kitchen busy preparing food and having a ball of a time . Yikes ,wedding not over dah berangan dah ada rumah . I think sampai terbawak mimpi because these past few days I kept reading and looking at house concept ideas and id companies.

These kind of things sometimes lead me to trouble I tell you . I can go from “B,I’m glad we took a close concept kitchen” to “BB why in the first place we tak amek open concept kitchen eh all because of the large wooden table you see in those Gordan Ramsey Kitchen videos .”I can be so fickle minded and A would be the victim . Both of us are foodie and we love to cook . A can cook and bake , like literally can cook a meal and bake a cake . He baked my 22nd birthday cake . A naked rainbow cake . Jangan main-main kau . Siap ada hand drawn flower lagi . This is the cake! photo (19)

He baked it , layer it with nutella and decorate it . It was quite a memorable birthday cause that day , we celebrate it with the orphans . Just me , A and my grandmother . It was 2 years back but it felt like yesterday . Glad I’m marrying someone who is rajin in the kitchen . Someone who is dependant , rajin and eager to learn . Tapi one thing dia malas is doing the dishes . hahah . Dah makan sendiri pun tk tahu nak cuci . Kalau you dah buat rumah and dapur i mcm rumah/dapur sendiri , apa salahnya cuci yr pinggan kan . Yet everyday I count my blessing lah , at least he has a few of my dad attributes . My dad is a good cook and an OCD house keeper . Okay more on that another time okay . Speaking of birthday , I am sharing about a good makan place and the recent A’s 27th celebration and the day he level up another time as an Uncle .

Royz et Vous Specialty Coffee

Located at , 137 Telok Ayer Street . I knew about this place when they set up their shop and Arab street but it was a small space . Could barely fit more than 20 tables. The shop now at Telok Ayer is big and spacious . Everytime I walk past their shop during lunch time last time , I always hope that one day I got to try it out . Gurll !!! Mana nak dapat kedai ada halal red and white wine kan . Since we cannot consume alcahol , tak salahkan feeling2 jer . The berangan ended sampailah kedai tu move to TA .

So last Sat , it was A’s 27th . And when again SHYDA shared about this place . I was like , OK this is it . It’s time to go . Dah malas aku nak pikir-pikir where to go to celebrate ni anak punya birthday . Besides he probably doesn’t even have a clue that this kedai even existed . Made a reservation few days before and ordered him to go to this place . Just fill in their postal code in your GPS system and you are good to go .


 photo 3 (4)

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (8)

photo 4 (3)

The carbonara pasta onwards was the bomb seyh . Buffalo wings a tad too spicy for me .  I wanted to try their fried mushrooms secretly but birthday boy wanted the wings and I did regret it in my heart . hah.But the rest was awesome . Having these make us so full till night time . If you guys are looking out where to lepak this weekend or simply go dating2 . Please drop by these place . We were glad that we left Orchard to dine here since it was Saturday . When we arrive , there wasn’t any queue . The ambience was perfect , no loud and rowdy crowds or even hysterical laughter . Yr experience might differ from me lahh kan. haha . I reached at 5pm , not sure how its like at 7pm onwards .

photo 1 (12)

photo 2 (12)

photo 3 (11)

photo 4 (6)

Yes , thats the halal wine making an apperance and A’s birthday lava cake .Look at us , FAT AND HAPPY . haha . So please go down and support them okay . A felt that their food is better pricing and nicer than swensens .  That wasn’t the end of the celebration on that day though .

I had planned out a surprise celebration with his friends at IMM . Cerita dia begini , 3 years of being together. I was never the type to call his close friends to come and join us to celebrate his birthday . So prior to his birthday , we kept attending birthday that their gf planed for them . So I takut lah member terasa or sedih yang i tak pernah make the effort . So I took the risk to contact his friend and glad it all work out . So funny to see his face reaction .

He was expecting my family to come and celebrate it with him at Bali Thai IMM , turns out . WHAT A CROWD .

11232717_10153252109543131_2295802648786277642_n (1)

Alamak blur pulak . Anyhoos ,They wasn’t the only one . Ada yang belum sampai or went somewhere else . Thank you friends for coming by . Appreciate it so much . We were full already basically what they ordered for themselves , we just rasa-rasa jer .


So yes , HAPPY 27th bb . May Allah grants all your wishes and doa .  115 days to go .  Soon enough it’s going to a two digit countdown then I can continue with my next dream to hopefully be in our house kitchen with a friend in tow . Most likely our baby in his/her high chair blabbering while I cook . Speaking of baby !! A on that day , got a new niece to himself . Presenting Aisyah/Aishah .(tak confirm masa tu)

photo (24)

She belongs to A’s twin brother who yes of course was born on her dad’s birthday . And his wife birthday happen to fall the next day which was 18 Oct . So lucky these three . Ni baru birth planning done right . hhaha.Same month just different day . Later birthday can celebrate with One cake at one time . hehe . Isn’t she cute . So fair , so small . So precious .

With these , I have a little friend already when I move in into A’s house . Too small to be my flower girl but yes , Aishah you can share Auntie’s makeup stash anytime okay . Don’t worry.

What’s with me and lengthy post nowdays ni !! Okaylah

 Time to cabut to Sephora to sibuk2 join the 20% sale .

Till the next post .. Mayb about flowers …xx


2 thoughts on “Blow a candle make a wish .

  1. oflittlesteps says:

    Omg! I went to the same place for my birthday meal!! Hahaha and I love the carbonara too!!! Sorry too excited, lol. & I love love love the place.

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