Latest Wedding Item Purchase .

Friday .. Yeayy !! Can’t wait to end work to enjoy my Samurai Burger with Cheese and Zulos’s Waffles session afterwards with my best friends . So i’m going to eat light for lunch (padahal i kirim my friend 2 Karipap) and hands off those snacks in the pantry room . ( I TRY LAH HOR)

So anyway , I had my decor meetup last week in which I will blog soon enough . Choosing between theme colour and either having the dome or scallop set up jer makan 2hours . Apa tak nya , my parents tag along . They prefer a simple and minimalist set up and with the price tag of lower than 3.5K , I would love to go all out . Okay more on that hopefully next post .

Okay so I finally bought my wedding heels ! And I couldn’t be more happier . It means one wedding component down . I own two wedding heels now . Nothing fancy , branded or steep pricing . My first heels was my Gold Heels from KIYOphoto (26)

This was an impulse purchase actually after the girls shared where they bought their shoes . Initially before that we went to West Mall to look at their shoes range but on that day A was craving for Pizza Hut so we had ours at about 9pm . By 9.30 , all the shops started to bring down their shutters . So no rezeki lah to check out . The next day , we head out to the East Side to catch a movie . After the movie , we had roam the entire , Tampines Mall and all . And Kiyo seems to have a shop at the Tamp 1 mall . So i DRAG A along to tried out their shoes .  In the end , this pair became my choice for the right fit , right height and right colour .  This pair if i am not wrong is less than $50 . And now that its open heels and T strapped . I am able to have henna drawing on those feet. I wasn’t sure if I could find any other shoes with the same height as these so therefor I GO JER . Without thinking twice . This was even before i choose my bridal outfit . Bila dh choose outfit , I know I made the right choice cause since this is my sanding shoes . Gold beading and white dress goes well with gold .

I can’t afford to wear the 3-5 inches heels type though it’s every brides fantasy . Kalau every bride dreams must be those red bottoms or christian dior ! But its okay , since A can’t tower over me . Let’s just settle for a 1 and a half inch shoes . SACRIFICES lah horr kalau member dah sama height . But all is good , nowdays he tend to accept it if I choose to go to weddings especially with my sky high wedges or heels . Abeh nak match certain outfit , takkan nak pakai flats kan Bro . hah

So next , my nikah heels . I was happy when I received it . I was so glad that the last pair of size fits me well . I got the right colour , right design and right size . Alhamdulillah rezeki .But these one not the right height. BUT I LOVE IT . And this pair only cost $16.50 not included with $3.50 deliver charge lah . None other than Zalora . Gosh, i really love them . I ordered on Thursday evening . Friday before lunch hours ,they already send it to my office .

 photo (27)

This is slightly higher than my first pair but because I know for nikah , I only require minimal movement and also it would only be for a few hours . This pair matches the bill. Call me budget lah , but with a pair as gorgeous as this why not . Since I will be donning the hijab for nikah . Covered shoes was the plus point there .

So yes , wedding heels done . I am still on a hunt to book my wedding bouquet . Not sure if I should get fresh flowers or the satin types . Fresh flowers could reach up to $160 as told by Kedai Daisy that I and Zu attended at the recent Dreamers Soiree’s event .

So many things to do . So little time .


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