So , I just checked my countdown app and we are down to 100 days ! 1 more days to a DOUBLE digit countdown . So scary thinking about it . That’s why if people were to ask me , How’s your marriage preps ? I will go like .. Halfway there lehh .. Except that I’m not really sure if it is even 70%-80% done.

Even honeymoon we haven’t even finalize anything . I and A is still contemplating if we should burn and splurge everything on our mini moon , living the island life.  Our big honeymoon was suppose to be in Europe BUT a part of me wants that big sum of money to be used on our house . Say Yes to HERF Man.. Having that is already $5K-$8K…

But if we were never to travel far for our big honeymoon , when the mini us arrive it would be much harder . Last I check for the dates that we wanted to go , only $940 for two way trip via Turkish Airline . Damn Cheapp..Or maybe we just skip the whole mini moon thing and just wait patiently for our big honeymoon which will be 4 months after our wedding . Too bad , yours truly couldn’t sleep in cold weather hence no honeymoon on February because its Winter Wonderland there .

But , bila lagi seyh nak main SNOW … Uwekkkk


Marrying me would be the best decision for A because I can help to save electricity bills.I am someone who can sleep without the fan and aircon and I don’t watch much TV except TV series on the laptop but i’m bad at saving water bills .On average , my bathing time takes about 15-20 mins .

So we check out our dulang list last night . So far so good . A is left to buy my wedding ring and mahar . Waiting for the dec sale as we speak or maybe whenever we get the time to drop by Geylang Serai where the emas of all sorts is waiting for ya. I am left to buy his watch and wedding ring . And also his Baju Melayu . Which reminds me I need to plan our JB outing date . A just want the ready made Aaron Aziz or Nabil collection. So Jakel it is . Speaking of Jakel , they are having promotion . Not sure how the promotion will be but heading to Jakel JB is a good idea i hope. Along the stretch of road there , plenty of muslimah stores even those top selling brands in Instagram. If I’m not wrong , the road is called Jalan Padi Emas ..

photo (20)

100 days to the wedding and I have still not yet book my wedding invites . That one also pening kepala . So Angsana we go soon hopefully . I am still determine to look for the 2 fold types .Like so .


Hopefully by Nov ends , we get all these done including all those nitty gritty stuff like Bunga Rampai holder , Bunga Mangga and all . Because come Dec , full force vendor meet up and all . I am still waiting for quotations for my cake vendors and flower bouquets . I have decided to ditch fondant cakes after having hearing my parents and friends choice . So Buttercream it is . Love to have Macaroon tower but the parents not a fan of it. Feels like my wedding is made up of what people liking and not mine . From the dishes to even the choice of cake .

Our outdoor casual shoot will take place hopefully this month , been going thru pinterest or instagram tags for ideal places in Singapore. With all the hype going around about Coney Island , that place seems to be a good location . Okay now I’m going to tell you my concern of the month . It seems that my MPH could not fit all 20 tables. So we are torn between setting up a tentage outside the MPH or take those tables to the block behind it .

And also , that particular MPH is not big enough to fit a Photobooth corner . Mana nak place the cake table , the DJ and also insyallah the Ice cream fridge.Seems to me that every corner of the MPH has already been used up. Banyak pening loh . Photobooth wasn’t much of a concern cause i am still having 50/50 thoughts about it . At every wedding my family and relatives attended , it is so rare to see them even walk pass the Photobooth Corner . They prefer to sit one corner and catch up with each other.

Maybe I will have a DIY photobooth instead . Something where the guests can pen down their wishes and also maybe have a pic with Polaroid . I have a few ideas in mind but to execute it only means that I need to seek help from my closest friends or family .






I was thinking of having our casual outdoor picture being blown up to a big one and the guest penning down their wishes on the picture . But , such a big picture . Where the hell I am going to keep it or hang it . Later so sayang .

Maybe after work , got to go down and visualize everything again . Selagi this kind of things is bugging me , I always wake up feeling resah and gelisah .

Ohh and yes , today Watsons is having their member sale . Need to go down to splurge for my bridesmaid kit . Hopefully there will be good deal for me to splurge on.

And yes , Empire episode 6 is out . Now that my work is done . I shall curi2 tengok in the office .

Please hit 530pm fast xx


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