Terjun botol for Kad Kawin .

Happy to share with you guys that I have finally make my booking for my Kad Kawin vendors . They are based in JB . I fell in love with their designs ever since lately I keep going through each of Jb’s wedding card vendor home page .

Heading to Jb was a terjun botol decision I made on Saturday night . It was 1 am in the morning when I called A, when he was sleeping telling him the plan to spend the day in JB via bus and mrt . Of course member melenting lah , cause I call him just to tell him that . Padahal next morning can tell , tapi memang tak lah aku nak bangun pagi cause on weekends I slept at 1-2 am.

We survived the 1 hr jam from woodlands checkpoint towards Jb . A decided to just go ahead with car although knowing that either wdlnds or tuas might have jam .  Of course we take every moment yapping away in the car . Singing to Alicia Keys and duet to rock kapak songs .

 photo 3 (12)

That’s me making use of A’s good quality camera phone . Got to love my new dyed hair. I always dye my hair on my own ever since 16 . This time it was Blue Black and I will always never wear gloves which explains my black stain nails . heh . Got to love my colourpop lippies too . This is in Lumiere ! So glad I bought it . After this picture was taken , I was seen stuffing my face with nasi goreng that A packed for me and also membebeling to him on how he should not jump queue and keep in line .

SO ….It is none other than KAD LAWO. They are just 10 mins away from Woodlands checkpoint and although their location may not seem strategic with the shop facing the main road and narrow roads surrounding it . It might be confusing at first as to where to park our car due to the limited carpark space. Luckily for us , we park it at the big carpark space just in front of Chaiwalla & Co with a valet charge of RM2.  We head straight to Kad Lawo first before ordering our drinks.

photo 1 (13)

photo 2 (13)

photo (28)

Finally I find the type that I wanted . Those folded ones . Nothing too messy or funny abstract on it . Their designs are endless with few folders of design to choose from . Few that I can remember was , Modern Islamic , Sweet and Elegance , Rustic and Contemporary and a few more . I didn’t straight away do it , infact just place a booking fee to lock the amount that they gave me . If deposit would be 50% of the amount . After agreeing to most of the paper works , it was a done deal . Taufik was the one attending to us . Clear cut , very straight forward guy and that’s it .  Can’t wait for this coming Wednesday to let the mother settle the wording and all . Seems like we are saying goodbye to Angsana. Kad Lawo is so much nearer and easier to get by .

photo (21)

As we look around their place ,we saw their personalised guestbook and we knew we got to HAVE IT . So DIY guestbok booth it is . 90RM with hard cover . Soon after , it began drizzling and we took cover at Chaiwalla with our drinks.

photo 2 (14)

   photo 1 (14) photo 3 (13)

And of course if you guys are around there already , please visit this food joint that sell good and delicious chicken chop just behind Chaiwalla. 3 months to the wedding and all we do is to try new food places . Ohh well , that is why we label ourselves foodie. tehee. This place is called It Roo Chicken Chop . Check this out .

 photo 1 (15) photo 2 (15)

photo 4 (7) photo 3 (14)

By then we were full and happy but time was still on our side .After finishing eating , it was about 4 plus so A decided that we should head to City Square to catch a movie . He was inclining on the new Bond Movie . So off we go lohh . Bad timing for us cause not only we have to brave through narrow roads filled with stationary cars badly parked and also people crowding the mini deepavali bazaar . So we took about 30-45 mins just to reach City Square carpark . Alhamdulillah , we manage to find a safe spot and a secure location to park our car .

Went straight right up to Level 5 to join the queue to buy our tickets . Though its 2 minutes past 5.45pm . We bought that timing cause you know adverts is such a pain in the ass kan . Only 18RM on weekends for a not even half filled theater and couple seats in the middle . What a good deal .

 photo (29)

I am proud to say that I am so happy that I said Yes to watch probably James Bond last movie “SPECTRE” . Please watch it if you guys have the time . You don’t have to watch the previous one Skyfall to understand the latest one. Padahal I watch Skyfall this morning in the train . Though the hero Daniel Craig is not to my liking for his not so boyish face or 6 pack abs but what I learn is that a nice tailored suit or tuxedo is always a YUMMY thing for us girls . Men in tailored suit . Fuhhyooo . SO HOT … And and also the intro song by Sam Smith . It’s on loop now in the office.

So yes right after movie , A suggested to grabbed a few muncies to prepare us for the jam back home . So we grabbed Subway and starbucks and was on our way . The jam lasted us 1 hour just towards the JB custom and we were on our way . By 10.22pm , we were safely on SG ground . Can’t wait for our next JB trip on Wed to settle our tailoring and few others.

This might be a happy post even before getting the actual card in our hands but hopefully with berkat doa our parents and the people around us , hopefully everything will fall in place . So here’s to A for always layankan me and always putting me first .

Terima Kasih daun keladi , Ada Masa buat lagi . ❤

photo (31)


5 thoughts on “Terjun botol for Kad Kawin .

  1. erianazai says:

    i guess that’s why one lips can wear so many lippies clrs babes . hahahahah . i can carry these type but pinkish ones .. i best avoid it . but colourpop texture marvelous seyhh !!

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