Wet Weather Updates

Ohhh hi … Happy Monday everyone ! Anyhoos so scary seeing the blog stats increasing day by day . I was hoping to make this blog platform a low profile affair kind of thing, scared you people bored of my stories .I didn’t list it out at any of my social media bio . The ones that know is my family , A and my best friend. Something that I am going thru and then closing it before moving to a new phase . I can only manage one blog at a time though the temptation of sharing with you guys my cooks and bakes and also my buying hauls , travel and more is very strong . hahaha . Let’s just stick with the wedding journey first lahh yer .

After this prolly I can have my , #housingchronicles , #pregnancychronicle , #anakchronicle , #masakchronicle , #travelchronicle . So Hi everyone , to the new and old readers . In Singapore and also all around the world (hopefully) . With all the things happening in the world , I hope you guys are safe and sound with your love ones around.

SO …….. What’s the latest update about our Wed journey so far . A have booked his venue and also his wedding cards . So, we would just wait for Kad Lawo to draft up our cards and it will soon be ready for printing and distributed . So best feeling when the rest of the girls ask for your add in order to saman you . I cannot wait for my turn to saman you guys also . To open you guys nya kad kawin so happy feeling . I will go like ” Whoaa , cantiknya the card.. Why I tk pilih this type ehh .. ” hahahaa . #problemofminahfickleminded .

Even my kad kawin , I have to change the design twice . Last weekend , we seems to complete quite a list of errands . All these during a weekday leave to JB . Both A and I took leave for me to bring my mother for the card input and also do our tailoring and shopping . Nowdays everything I take photo , kononnya to remember people who have help us one way or another for our wedding . Weather we pay for them or not . heh

That’s me , my mum and Taufik . The one who liase with us regarding our cards .

 photo 1 (16) photo 2 (16)

So after settling the card . We head off to Larkin to send my cloth for dulang to get tailored . Total price for tailoring only RM100 . So affordable . With kain bought from Bandung , didn’t even reaches $80 (not I pay , A pay loh) . That one no picture , he busy measuring my badan yang gedebap ni and celoteh with my mother that I forget about it .

But if you guys ever need tailor that is very teliti and good sense of fashion , can ask me for contact yer . We have been sending to him for a while now . All I can remember he said, With lining RM100 . No lining RM70 .  After tailoring , it was A’s turn and my turn for my pocket to get burnt .

photo 1 (17)    photo 2 (17)

We headed to Jakel for A’s baju melayu for the dulang . The mother helped out in choosing his outfit and material . Tapi sayang , most colours have run out of his size . Apa tak nya , this Aaron Aziz collection have been ongoing since last year puasa , sekarang kita baru nak tercari-cari .Even though the mother keep meleteh on why didn’t we send his one to the tailor , we figure out that guys punya beli lagi bagus since they wore theirs not as much as the ladies . But all is good … For only RM159 plus free samping  . Thank god for the price markdown ,if not I will be paying RM200 for his outfit.

Then come along this cray cray place that I have been wanting to bring my mum and A to .. This place is somewhere near to Angsana . This place I tell you heaven on earth for people like us . We snack a lot lah . Mostly junk food . If you ever see us snacking on carrots or nuts , please hug us okay . I knew this place from this blog . Thank you Cik Akak Manis for blogging about it , boleh lah saya anak singapura sibuk-sibuk berbelanja . I spent RM99 on my stash . Click on the blog or discover it yourself then you will understand .


photo 2 (19)

photo 1 (20)

photo 3 (15)

 photo 5 (2)

photo 1 (19)

If you guys nak borong for Candy corner ker , for office pantry ker or even for Berkat . Sila lah pay this place a visit . Won’t menyesal babe , for sure . They have the oldies snacks like Tora , the milk sweets , the circle magnifying sweets and macam-macam lah. It’s like the same kedai like we have here in Bedok .  My best buy was 40 small packets of the roller coaster keropok for only RM8 .


#dunsayineverumbrella ok .


Soon after ,our errands list ended for the day . So happy you know but all goes without saying .. Alhamdulillah for the strength and rahmat that Allah gave us . Selamat pergi and pulang. I nearly wanted to call off the outing cause before I was suppose to fetch my mother from work , I was already vomiting in the car . A kept saying that my urat was tegang and all which might be true cause I woke up that day feeling restless and sick and I just couldn’t figure out what and why .

Luckily for minyak kapak and massages from both of them , I decided to just go ahead as plan . If not so sayang our leave . Though we starting to clear them , these two months so precious for our leaves . For important duties and errands only .

Ohh and guess who have fell in love with JALAN PADI EMAS …It’s me !!!!!!!!! Guess who had nice steamboat and bbq for only RM45 there and had my hair washed and blow at only RM30 .. Me again !!

Nowdays every weekends , we tend to spend it in JAYBEE .. Okay more on that next time ..

Bye Bye for now ..


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