A cup of tea .

Wahh seems to me that WP have updated their layout .. ehh no more word count seyh . hahaha .Ohh well … So Happy Friday my ladies !!!!

Survive this week without taking any MC or leave though clearly I should be clearing them by end of this month or Dec . Mayb I should take one whole stretch ahhh for Dec ..

I just finish borong my items on Taobao including my satin flower bouquet. Upon price conversion , it seems to be worth it . I had like 10 items in my cart amounting to only $120 plus including direct shipping . I bought my DIY photobooth item and a few other stuff . Should it be good or worth buying , I shall update you guys with a blog post ok .

So far , i’m still in the midst of planning my wedding cake with my vendor. To have ribbons or cascading flowers . The more I see Pinterest or google , the more I fed up . Bila dah suka one design , I will think the next one would be nicer . Alhamdulillah they seems to be able to work around my budget . Though for that amount I could get my idaman hati from the kakak-kakak of Tangerine Macaroon . Which is the cake and macaroon tower like as posted .12241342_10153233590213616_7336207231135474382_n

But as you all know , my parents doesn’t like the macaroons idea , so cake it is . Ni baru pilih design and all belum lagi the flavor . But look at all these flavors … So mouth watering .

Sweet & Salty 
Chocolate cake, whipped cream cheese frosting, salted caramel drizzle, topped with maltesers.

Moist banana cake, whipped cream cheese frosting, salted caramel drizzle, macadamia brittle.
Red Queen
Red velvet cake, whipped cream cheese frosting, pure nutella, fresh strawberries.
Posh spice
Vanilla cake, strawberry jam, fresh cream, topped with fresh berries.
PB & J
Chocolate cake, peanut butter cream cheese, strawberry jam, salted peanuts.
Sri Mangga
Mango cake, whipped cream cheese frosting, fresh mango.
Teh’O Limau Satu!
Lemon tea cake, honey frosting, lemon curd.
Milo Dinosaur Gajah
Milo cake, condensed milk frosting, milo nuggets.
The Breakfast Club
Vanilla cake, maple cream cheese frosting, fresh blueberries, lemon curd drizzle.
Richie Rich
Pandan cake, whipped cream cheese frosting, pandan kaya filling, grated cheddar cheese, lots of it.

We already settle on a day to have our outdoor so called “Pre Wedding ” shoot and it will happen on the first week of Dec weekday .   Please pray for us that it will not rain cause the place is quite open and we don’t it to dampen our spirit . Guess where did I find a MUA for myself  for the makeover on a weekday . None other than MAC Singapore . I’ve been doing so ever since my prom days and I never regret it .

If you guys are looking at last minute makeover . Just head over to MAC Store or simple call them to tell them you need a counter makeover . They will ask for your timing and date . There will be 2 services . The $50 and $120 . The $120 you can redeem for their products . But must confident lah cause you don’t know how their skills like but Hey .. I ever stalk a few MAC employees on IG and their skills is superb .

I’m in the midst of packing my Bridesmaid kit . Baru 2 orang jer , punya lah susah . The problem is , I cannot stop buying . After buying a few items , I keep thinking what did I miss .Like its never enough lor . hahah .Once I’m happy with all the items I will share with you guys ok . Hopefully ASAP , as we have not yet send the fabric to the tailor pun .

On another note , semalam I and A had a quick date night . We had ARNOLDS . Masyallah so sedap . Dah lapar semua sedap kan . My intention was to get a few makeup product from Eyfa Sufi’s shop for the Bridemaid Kit .  We managed to look through Ming Seng and Meyson collections . Nothing caught my attention actually . Because my engagement ring is already a solitaire , it’s quite hard to match . Takkan both rings solitaire kan . The ones with small2 dimonds on it pun not really attractive . Either too thin or too big on me .

Didn’t manage to look through their emas collection for the mas kahwin cause by 8 ,most of the shops bring down their shutters already  . But then , there is a lot more shops we have yet to see and recce .

Can’t wait to lepak in bed longer during the weekends before I get myself involved with weddings and baby shower .  To the rest , enjoy the CHALET and sambal sotong !!

This rainy season , may we all gain goodness and rahmat from the rain . Stay safe on the road and wherever u guys might be  .



3 thoughts on “A cup of tea .

  1. issamarissa says:

    babe, i nak tanye.. taobao kan.. bile i masuk the website all in chinese sey. tk fhm sey. mcm mane? hahaha! beh klau i g taobao sg pulak, mahal pulak i tgk prices nye. haha! i pon keliru!

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