82 Days

82 Days and Guess who finally came up with their #WeddingHashtag .

We tried everything , #AJxFZ , #AFhitch , #AFthewedding #AFkahwin and many more . In the end , either most of them have already been used or taken .  So this morning , I told myself . I’m going to use up half and hour of my lunch break to do our table hashtag . But with no hashtag , how to do eh …

So I gave 4 choice to A and discuss with him , since the normal ones already been taken by the other Mr and Mrs AF . Let’s go with these . We incorporate the real reason for our wedding date and blog  also . Why not lah kann.. These kind of thing pun a lot of overthinking .

  • #AnF4yeardeal
  • #AnF4yearproject
  • #AnF4yearpromise
  • #AnF4yearmark

In the end we chose ,





#4yeardeal sounds better kan , but ohh well the mister think that Promise is more nicer . Cause he did promise me lahh , and just nice 2016 . Falls on the Saturday and Sunday . Al-Kisah nya …..


3 thoughts on “82 Days

  1. thelastrosepetal says:

    Babe! I have also been playing ard with hashtags but havent found I really liked! I even use hashtag generator! Semangat siot! The other day my fiancè said he already settled on the hashtag and Im like what? He said #teamkitamenang. No wayy am I gonna use that! HMPH

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