Honeymoon (Flight 1 )



74 Days to the wedding and what better way than to spend all our moneyy… (IF ONLY ….)

I am aiming for this Bag but that bag will cost me 2 of my vendor payments . *wails* .. Okay must sabar . Must Sabar ..

On another note ,  First trip flight booked !

Thank God for Skycanner , A only had like 10 mins to entertain me and do the booking . So Skyscanner help us to do all the comparison flight tixs and TADAA .. Payment confirmed . Best thing about this trip would be having the fully sponsored Hotel Stay for the whole trip . A’s sister and bro in law owns the hotel and of course everyday will be like a HOLIDAY …hehehe

This trip is going to be a free and easy trip for us before The Big Trip end of 2016. Thank God for 2 days of marriage leave , so after the wedding . We could take some time off to cool down and pack .

I am so happy that we took this decision together though our initial plan was slightly different . I wish I could share with you guys everything but We can only plan and Allah shall decide everything and that is why I am saving some for the privacy and fun of it .

I have not even ransack my wardrobe and room to clear out my stuffs . I don’t even know where to begin with . Everytime I tried, I get so emotional and sentimental about it . The thing about knowing  you are moving out of your house soon , is that everything suddenly feel so precious .

On another note , can’t wait for this Thursday . Hope everything goes well for our mini photoshoot . Though the rain is so unpredictable , I just hope that Panadol would be my bestfriend for that day cause having your period is no fun when you need to get dress up and all . Meantime , I could so relate to this ……….  Ohh btw , does your period give warnings to you when it is coming . Mine did.. and I swear I talk to my own stomach to behave  few days ago ..

tv girls teenager period cramps






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