Slow and Steady .

Friday ! Yeay ! Tomorrow i shall be able to wake up slightly later than usual before attending weddings in the afternoon . We are currently 71 days left to the Big Day  . Masyallah , how time flies kan . All i remember was that I was counting down to 99 days for the two digit mark .

I still have not receive my Taobao loots to update you guys on it although  the website show that the items have already reach Singapore . I am currently ordering badges for my family members . Shall update also once i have the item on my hand .  RM 1 only . So kalau convert $0.30 jer kan . If it is good as what their ig shows , later I recommend to you guys ..

Last weekend , A and I borong 24 pieces of the ikea tolsby frames and had their halal chickien wing and meatballs. I have already started to godeh-godeh and put it to use . An example as follow . The other side , shall be use to put up the usual . “Tag your photo with our hashtag” blah blah blah… Initially I wanted to spray it in gold but  then , after the wedding we could sell it off kan or even rent it out  . So white it shall be …

   R/P- $0.90 (Avail at ikea tamp n alexander)

photo (33)

Kad Lawo have already get back with us with our  first and second draft of the cards , arrow signs , bunting  and guestbook . Not easy lah hor engaging vendor across the border cause when you are so excited and pumped to see the result , either they won’t entertain your email or no one picking up your call or they cross over the promised date . Aku kena dua kali kau .. Ishh ishh . Nasib lah murah kan. Thank you to those who already gave me their address.Make me do my guest list easier walaupun the end product belum di tangan .  Dah lah mak i restrict i to only 100 cards .. So saded ..

I ada email Bliss to book for our second appointment for this month to brief them our itinerary and also the time planning  , check2 admin kata it will be in Jan . Tu lah kanchong tak tentu pasal .. Okay moving on ,

Guess who had their Prewedding Casual shoot yesterday . It was US...Most of our pictures are still in our photographer’s cam . We went to two location in total . Started from 4 to 9pm . And it wasn’t raining and not much sunlight was around . Basically yesterday was cloudy kan .. Cheat my feeling only ..

I wanted the lalang -lalang feel kind of theme , those blend in nature but the weather was so unpredictable and I decided to came up with so many back up places . Both A and I applied for 1/2 day leave cause we figure out , take whole day also no point . Bukannya kita larat pun nak do the whole day . It started with awkward poses then a few good ones .  Here’s a sneak peak without any edits and re-touching yet . I engage my friend who is a pro with the camera and also editting skills . Price wise , less than $300 you alls .. Insya allah your pics will turn out just as good . If you need someone within that budget , can ask me ok .

photo (35).JPG

Ohhh my make up and hair !! Since it was a weekday and know that some MUA like Watie Misty , Raja Norashikin or Sue Afad all have their day job . I decided to have my makeup from MAC . Yes , remember I mention the $50 counter makeover . It is from them . I made changes from doing at  Raffles City outlet Mac to Jem outlet cause my friend was from Bukit Batok . So its quite easy lahh all at one location . My MUA was Jerlyn Lim as writen on her tag . Masyallah ,so gentle yet so professional . One thing I tell you about this Mac counter makeover eh , they will do the full makeup for you okay . Tkda miss out2 punya ..

photo (36)

That’s Jerlyn ,the one in black .And her brushes I tell you at the front tu , so banyak … So thats’s me , the sick chicken . Yeap , I came to work with my bare face because I know there will someone  to conteng-conteng my face . Even if you do wear makeup before the makeover, YES they will remove it for you .Hair proudly sponsored by my parents . HAHA . Because they will usually hunt down my particular shampoo for me . And yes, so glad I dye back to black . At least nampak healthy lah kan . This time round , no hairdo . Just my natural parting lohh .. SO KEEP GROWING HAIR . You can do it !!  So that’s me Before and that’s me After.

photo (37).JPG

Except for the eyelashes . hehe . If you guys are taking eyelashes , it would be additional charges just for the lashes . I wore mine that I bought from this particular IG . Mine was 8190 . I borong a few already . Malaysian MUA love to use these Elise brand eyelashes . So light and fluttery you all . Try lah ..


So far , tu jer my updates buat masa ni . So perempuan gila mana yang samalam dapat  makan durian dengan muka make up tebal . Saya lah tu .. Dengan benda tu sekali aku nk selfie , memang betul apa A kata , Tak senonoh ehh Kau .. heh

Happy Weekends semua ..


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