From me to me .


 Okay Xmas presents from me to me !!!

Taobao Loots 

What I bought in here , have something to do with my wed preps that is why I’m posting it . If you guys ever have Chinese colleagues savvy enough in this online shopping kind of thing . Ask them for help . Like I did . hahahaha .  This is my first time and surely not my  LAST . You need to have an account under them in order to buy the items . Sadly , most of them are in Chinese language . Puaka Betol kan . But I will share stakat  yang mampu okay .

Date of Order – 20 November 2015

Date of Arrival – 7 December 2015

Meh sini I share sikit ,

 photo (38)

*Sending to the Office is a sure thing , if you are not around . There will be people signing it for ya . Upon arrival .Look at the mess . Tak  . I had like 9 items in total . All packed separately . So 9 diff boxes with bubble wrap and all . 

*My satin flower bouquet . I bought these in the largest size because WHY NOT .. heh  . This is only for $35 . Obviously you know how much people sell at FB and IG all lah kan .  But, I will ordering my next flower bouquet soon from  Here . If you guys are interested , can tell me .

*Wood storage box . When I saw these , I was like . Ehh can use for photobooth .  For the pens and wedding notes . Allahualam , can use or not . I also don’t know . Maybe later on when I go back , my parents would want to use it to hold all sorts of remote controls . heh . The big one cost $3 . The long one cost $2 .

photo (39)

*Metal Easel . Only $6 sis . Quite good quality . I have not put it to use or assemble it but looking at it . Macam bagus jer…

photo 1 (25)

*Cut out heart kraft paper . Niat di hati nak suruh guests sign on these and hang on the tree . Sekali dah book guestbook dengan KadLawo . Takkan guest nak advice dua kali  . Dia pun otak buntu . hahaa .For 200 pieces , $0.70 ajer..

With me is another one pair of shoes and 2 lace dresses that I ordered too . I was suppose to use it during the pre-wedding shoot but apakan daya , late delivery . Thankfully I found an altenative .

So yes , i fulfill my promise to update you guys on my loots . Have fun shopping and spend wisely . xoxo


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