60 days !

Things is going to be slightly Serious today about the wedding preps . Usually , my family and I can go not talking about the wedding for a few days . Mainly because they still think their anak “kesayangan” will still be around and make noises in the house .

And that is why , I got to understand even when everyday my mother will come to my bedside every morning to ask this ques countless time .      “Kau betul nak kahwin ke ?? “ . And how does she deal with letting go ,

” Jom pergi holiday , Kakak ,Ibu and Ayah ” . Padahal anak kau dah nak kahwin in about 2 months time and you still can relax2 nak pergi holiday . Kelakar betul lah mak aku . And that is why I am escaping SG this Christmas Period to teman them . This makes our 3rd trip just us 3 for this year alone..

So today , I’m meeting my Bestfriends AKA Bridesmaids .  Just two of them . And I will be handing them their Bridesmaid Kit and we are going to the tailor to settle their outfit . Their Kain was bought by me in Bandung . Initially , I picked the particular colour even before my First Fitting . Turns out my baju sanding , have the same tempias2 colour except their one is slightly darker . Their outfit after converstion is only SGD 16 . So beli lah kain di Bandung (D’Fashion) , insyallah worth it .

photo (41).JPG

Free Printable and Download Bridesmaid Card from here . Can also get from


I didn’t really packed their Bridesmaid Kit in a fancy shmancy way cause all of us will be from work so don’t want them to be all embarrassed to carry it back home . hahah . My tailor quoted us $45 for the outfit . For something with no lining . Kira okay lah kan . She even gave assurance that even if I were to send it on Jan , insyallah can siap . But, not gonna take the risk lahh .

photo (44)

The mintish pink kain is not part of the Wedding . I bought for both of them cause I felt it was quite nice . So prolly Raya 2016 , we boria . Wear the same . I forget to add in Bobby Pins in the kit but I figure out , they won’t need it . There was a lot more item I wanted to add in like Nail Polish , Shoe Heel Protector , Hand Lotion but I realise that the bag is gonna super packed and heavy . So yeap , can’t wait for 7.30pm to meet them for dinner .

And then group dinner soon for the Bridesmate to pass them their Baju Batik to match together with Bridesmaid .

I did mention previously I would have 2 bridesmaid and 5 bridesmates . 7 of them is really close to me , actually for me their presence is to serikan the gambar only . I can do most task on my own or with my family’s help but we’v been through everything together and being the first among us to get married is both exciting and sad.

And of course when I popped the question , they had no choice but to say             YES! HAHAHAHA

photo (45)

$0.80 paper bag from a shop along Zam2(Bugis)


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