How do one or even two react when they were requested to be a Bridesmaid.

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We were suppose to meet up at Eunos at about 7.30pm when I decided to call the tailor to inform her about our arrival but she said that she close at 7pm on that day . Obviously , I told them to retreat back to the west side . We checked out 4fingers at Westgate but it was packed , so the decision was made to head over to our fav makan corner  . Teh Tarik in Jurong West.

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We tried the new “Ayam Kata” shop and boy were we dissapointed . Or maybe it was to me . So glad we ordered the salted egg chicken , at least that added the extra “mmmm” to our meal . For 3-4 pax , this set cost us $35.  The soup is not so flavorful , chicken is not well marinated and to top up extra flavor of marinated chicken cost $8 . And as shown by the shop name , obviously no meat or whatsoever . All chicken and seafood .

I would prefer the usual one I had with A .  At this  Outlet in Jalan Besar Food Centre. Their sauce is so much better than the above . Throughout the meal , we didn’t even touch it . We spent 2 hours there just catching up and all . And obviously I handed them the kits there . Wouldn’t have it  other way mann . All full and happy .  Time to work out a schedule to the tailor pepurrr ..

Guess , who settle on the wedding ring already . Not ME ! I have yet to find mine though given the budget and cut that I wanted . A set me a certain budget for me to follow if not , even an odd looking ring with a hefty price tag looks nice to me.

So last weekend i told A , okay lets go and maybe window shop for your ring . So after my friend wedding, clad in Baju Melayu , I roam around Orchard . haha .  Is it just me or do u guys notice that , the jeweler aisle in ION seems to have a higher price for their stuffs as compared to those in the neighbourhood shopping mall . We went  to every shop before settling on Swensens for dinner . So happy I got my Banana Crumble .

Suggested Bvlgari and Cartier , member disapprove. He still prefer the normal thin curve ring . So platinum it is . Everytime I like a particular ring for him , it will have gold percentage in it . And A being A , will start the syarahan on “guys are not allowed to wear cincin suasa” . So we spent the Saturday & Sunday to look at his ring until we found the ONE . Initially we ever visited the store and try it on . A love it . And when we eventually visit the shop for the second time , it was definitely “Love at First Swipe” . Goodbye Money , thank you for your time .

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