So much posts to read !!!!!! I is liking it very much . Thanks girls for updating your blogs so that I could read it while otw back from my short trip . I just reach SG from KL like 5hrs ago and when A picked us up , it was such a good feeling to see him safe and sound despite not contacting much over there . Nowdays ever since the Big Day is coming nearer , it feels so surreal you know .

I have a lot to blog on but im starting with this first ! My ROMM interview. We headed down to ROMM on the eve of the Public Holiday of Christmas . A took half day on that day while I was on leave . My dad was on leave too so I figure out , why not lets just over and done with .   It was the best decision ever . Seriously ! But the journey there wasn’t as smooth as it seems . We left the house at 1.30pm , hoping to reach by 2.30gtu . Sekali overshot by 3 plus , the traffic towards town area was madness along with the rain .

We reach exactly at 3pm , just half an hour away to their closing hours. I expected a room filled with people since it was the ending of the year and alot others might be clearing their leave but I was wrong . The session was only roughly 25mins .

The procedure was straight-forward

  • Take queue num and wait for your number to be called
  • Meet the officer in charge to go through your solemnization details
  • Wait for your queue num to be call, to meet the Tok Kadi
  • Father/Wali goes in first , then the BTB and GTB .(if lucky both gets to come in at the same time)


Meeting the Kadi wasn’t that terrifying , in fact I felt he was so cute lahh . hahaha . He was the same kadi that my parents took for their marriage . Ustaz Karim kalau tak silap . All he ever ask me was ,

“Apa perasaan anda nak bernikah tak lama lagi ni ?” . If I could pour my heart out , I will be like … SEDIH SUNGGUH USTAZ , TUHAN SAJE JER YANG TAHU …NANTI NAK DENGAR SUARA MAK SAYA MENGOMEL PUN SUSAH USTAZ .

Tapi Kakak act cool jer , all I could afford to say was .

“Gementar sikit jer ..” LOL

With that the last step to get married is done . Alhamdulillah ya allah . For you ease all our affairs this far .

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

And tonight when the clock strike 12 , we are left with 48 days . My invitations are here , Masyallah . Kad Lawo really did such an impressive job for these babies . Big Thank you to A for picking them up while I was away . Hold on lovelies , it will reach your mailbox soon . xx







  1. ariescinderella says:

    I think we went the same day! And i have ustaz nor razak in room 3, suara dia kuat bergema when he ask both us, i was so nervous and scared sampai dia tanya where we take our kursus kahwin i say wrong masjid! He didnt ask us whats my feeling, nasib he didnt interview satu2, but he interview both of us ><

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