When you like a particular song , you listen to it till you get bored of it . But just NOT YET ! I am hooked on Gerua and Janam Janam from Dilwale.  I can listen to both songs on repeat from Yew Tee to Bugis . Crazy siaa .   It was the best movie of 2015 ! For me at least . 1 more day to 2016 , hope i will not catch a movie anytime soon . hahaha . Watching it , makes my spine tingle and every of my body nerves squirm with happiness ! It was A’s first time watching a Hindi movie in theater and I bet beneath the hard exterior (member no feeling , part sedih . He never cry . I did !) , he love and enjoy the movie too . SRK and Kajol age gracefully siaa .  He look so hot with the beard and sculpted body . 50 and sexy . Definately DILF .

So I just got back safely from KL with the parents ! We stayed at Furama Bukit Bintang and it was the best decision ever ! was having promo , so when I booked their deluxe room . I thought it was just like a normal hotel room , just the bed and all but the DELUXE ROOM  is so big with a separating room with another tv and sofa and everything is carpeted . And Breakfast is included in the price offered.

I could list out everything about my trip but I want to cut it short and simple . We had Boat Noodle (whooping 16 bowls) ,  Mdm Kwan ,Nasi Kandar Pelita , Teppanyaki , Dip and Dip,Tous Les Jours and a whole lot of those kecik-kecik warung .My parents were forced by me to try all of them Muahaha . We set foot to Pavillion , Berjaya Time Square , Masjid India , KLCC , Publika . But the main highlight got to be this freaking place


KENANGA WHOLESALE CITY ! (Just a 7mins drive away from Furama)

My mum shopped like there’s no tomorrow . In fact , we set foot to this place twice . In that two visit ,  my mother bought plenty of tops and we even got my siblings their outfit for my nikah .  You know all the bell top and wrap kimono tops that are trending in IG  nowdays . I tell you , PLEASE COME TO THIS PLACE . There are only selling it for $15 a peice . Since its a wholesale kind of mall like ,  Tanah Abang (JKT). The more you buy the cheaper it is . I bought my BM tops here , buying 3 of the kimono wrap only cost me $11 each . And i bought 3 long dress for A’s side which he kirim in mint green . Here was $13 after conversion , in @NATALIEBELLA IG  was $29 .What a steal ! But fret not , if you can’t manage to visit this place , Berjaya times square Level 3 are selling the same kind of outfits too but at a higher price tag.

Things to prepare you for this place , 

  • Require you a lot of money (Seriously ! Once you shop , cannot stop)
  • Most shops are selling free sizes item .
  • 7 level in total (food court and money changer included)
  • Cooling and very good material jubah only cost S$10 . (Mum borong 8 pieces) 
  • The more you buy , the cheaper it is . 
  • Try to bargain 
  • Tudung Heaven definately , bought those Hanis Zalika’s type for only 3 FOR 50rm .

photo (47)


The only wedding related items that I bought over there was 20 canister for Bunga Rampai and also Stickers for my nikah kek berkat . All those from Semua House (Masjid India ) . It have always been a good thing travelling with my parents . They way they see things differs from me but they are always so supportive of my decisions and always trust on my choices . Hopefully Umrah together soon . Every trip we go together as 3 , I make sure they go and come back safely . Bringing them back home to SG after every trip is considered an achievement for me .

So yeap , that’s about it so far for KL .   The parents have already started to list downs names of  guest to be invited to the wedding . I’m starting on mine soon enough . This week I will be , 

  • Handling and handing out my gubahan items to Kak  Aida
  • Confirm my Henna schedule 
  • Meetup Tukang masak for Second Dep 
  • Meetup Cik Mala (decor) for Second Dep 
  • Confirming and finalizing both side Itinerary 


Ouhh , and I already recieve my fam badges that I ordered from @BUTTONBADGEEVENT (IG) . Based in JB but they  ship to SG , i use my relative’s add and he delivered it for me and its now safely in somewhere in my room. heh Only 1RM/ $0.30 eacH .


Okay Moving along now , one more day till RESOLUTION 2016 . LOL




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