Completion of Shopping .

Apart from the wedding expenses , comes the dulang gubahan also right . So happy that the last item for A’s tray is complete .We settle it after getting his wed ring . A is more to a watch person while I’m not . Thank God for limited edition collections if not 1 HOUR also not enough for him to look through and make his decision .

Should you guys need to shop for watches – Do visit this store .

Win’s Watch – Located at the building next to OG (Bugis)

Here watches that you guys are aiming or thinking of buying have additional discount of 30-35% . Guaranteed Original . We are regular customers there so it a must go place for us to shop for watches . Repair or replacement of batt or strap , Do feel free to visit this shop and look for their Manager Mr Raymond .

photo (48).JPG

My trays are all settled too . The last two was Wedding Ring ✓  Mahar ✓ . It was quite a special shopping spree because my FMIL was there too and it was on the first day of 2016 . She was there to help make my choices and decisions so much easier because you know lahh all this GOLD  items , the seniors have a better idea on it . We went to two shops before settling for the ONE . My ring was my favourite . I could pair it with my engagement ring just nicely .  My mahar was also my first choice when I first stepped in with A before bringing his mother . Thank God , the right size and all is still available so we don’t have to cut it shorter . It was down to two bracelet before she quipped in and commented that my choice is definitely the nicest one .

It was nice of her to come along despite two days after returning from Umrah and having quite a bad cough . And even though she was there , there was never once she push me to take a look at something i don’t want or demanded i took something according to her choice . All she ever did was to lean her head towards the display glass and look at every possible designs for me and told me to pick something with regard to my liking and gut feeling .

photo 1 (31)

Last Purchase in IKEA 

We are hoping we are not going to set foot here anymore , until the wedding ends . Heading here makes us so excited that whatever we saw seems like we need it though its the opposite .  Settle on our frames and candy bowl . Of course not forgetting A’s office desk plant .

 photo (49)

And yesterday , my bridesmaid settle their tailored outfit already. Thank you Shyda for recommending Cik Julia . I am in love with her house . Going to be my house inspiration definitely . So spacious and so relaxing . I didn’t know that white and yellow could go well on the house walls but when I saw her house I was in awed . Best part , she is in Jurong . Save our travelling time like a lot . Such friendly and warm hearted person.She served us Baklava from Istanbul and it was so so GOOD .


Yes , Money In Money Out . 

Hustle now , Shine later . xx


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