1 month means 30 days

Gahhh , Its only 3 episode and its affecting my sleep . I’m talking about my new NETFLIX SERIES OBESSION . This time round its Making a Murderer . This show revolves about Steven Avery and YES , its based on a real person . Its only the third episode and I am filled with so much anger . This series is seriously testing my logical thinking and my intelligence . It’s really not helping when I always watch it before I go to sleep and watching this make me look for food at night !!

Come I give you one example , this Steven spent 18 years in jail for something he didn’t do and when he was released he sued the police enforcement for 46 Million for the wrong conviction and after 2 years of his release , he was arrested again for Murder . Definitely something fishy right . The stupidity , corruption and injustice is so much clear in this show . I can’t wait to finish the whole 10 episode . Got to calm myself before i kick my comp monitor. Okay enough .  So today , we are down to

photo (27)

Yes , exactly a month . We have not yet started our pantang bacuase we have yet to settle most of our vendor appt . 30 days will fly by very fast mind you . And this month , will be the last paycheck for our vendors . I am starting to tick my Wed Preparation update one by one . Last Lap Bro ! So many things to do , So little time .


  1. Last Sun was our sunshine’s wedding .   Zu & Ian selamat dijabkabulkan and I couldn’t be more happier though I could not attend their nikah cause by the time we were on our way and on the road , it already started so we figured even if we proceeded to the place , everybody will rushing out . So with a heavy heart , we will catch them at their venue . On that day , I also schedule a meet up with Kak Aida to pass my gubahan items and also get my Bridal Room quotation and theme color .


photo (51)

2.  Meeting Kak Aida was so smooth sailing and OF COZ it dragged from 11am to 12.30PM. To settle the trays colours only takes about an hour already , to run through the items and also the sirih rampai and also takes about half an hour . How not to drag . Kak Aida even gave me a discount for the extra tray that I wanted .From 6 to 7 trays .Alhamdulillah .We just couldn’t stop talking . From Kak Aida to the husband and also to the kids . I was suppose to meet Renny and Shiqs over by that timing . So of course , from Tampines we zoom off to Hortpark . Kak Aida will head over soon enough to recce the room given the opportunity whenever she will head to the west side .


3. Second meet up with Caterer . This time round she came over to our place to collect the 50% percent remaining balance  and also to recce the propose MPH where our wedding will be held .  Cik Enab and her husband came down on Monday slightly after Isyak , I was on MC on that day and my nose just could not stop sneezing . It was more to a nose block rather than flu . We have decided to scrap the tentage from or plan because according to her it was quite unnecessary when we can use a bit part of the walkway to place a few table along the way . Unfortunately ,during the time of our visit to the MPH . There was a chinese wake , so we couldn’t just go in and see where should our tables arrangement will be like . But she did suggested how and what . So its quite settled , for now .  Thankful for my parents for their presence to handle it .


So far , that’s all for now . Till the next episode . Eh , I mean Update .xx


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