Dear Self , 19 days till no more of the freedom key .

Waddup everybody . I am down to 19 days . Masyallah . Is it time yet for me to book my flight and run away .. Such a nervous wreck these days . It feels like I am preparing for someone’s else wedding instead of myself . I’m not so anal on details but I just want to make sure I didn’t forget anything pertaining to the wedding .

We have kicked off with our Last Vendor Appointments already . So far so good . Though things wasn’t REALLY  smooth or rosy on our side entirely. A was admitted to the hosp due to bad food poisoning and a few hiccups along the way but I am so thankful for our parents , family members and not forgetting our friends that are around to help us and keep us sane.

But of course , you can’t stay away from all the Unexpected Drama that will bound to happen throughout the entire wedding preps right . Thank God for the motto in life ,

” When nothing goes Right , Go to Sleep ” . 

Like really , if you guys are in the verge of tears,anger or u know a big fight will spark between u and the mister. PLEASE GO TO SLEEP . Wedding preps is not easy I tell you . Even though ours is not a combined wedding , the number of times we disagree with each other is beyond my number of fingers . Ego sometimes contribute to the problem , either one have to give in or suffers the cold shoulder treatment for a few days .

I’m not sure how I am going to improve my above point , well me and A we tend to keep our anger to ourselves most of the times . Sometimes sleeping it away is not a GOOD thing . It’s very seldom of us to be complaining about each other on FB , to our friends or even to our family . But alas , the more I try to hide it , the more the anger shows . And my mum will be the one noticing it all . I don’t want to be staying at my in-laws and when I am angry at A , i will be throwing tantrums . heh . Hopefully these 19 days , Allah grant me something to deal with this kind of thing . Either talk it out or scribble it somewhere .

But NO NO , i’m not in a middle of a fight with A . Just a reminder to my forgetful self . Okay back to Wed Preps ,

  •  Akrab Appointment done . Final Payment done .  Go through Itinerary done . 
  • Bliss Appointment done . Second Payment done. In a middle of an agreement
  • Bridal room recce done . Kak Aida have measured and explain everything.
  • Berkat all packed . House in a mess . Need more carton of boxes .
  • Honeymoon itinerary half way done 

Basically, I am left with my appointment with my DJ and the Videography and also our final fitting in Feb .

Speaking of which , PANTANG OR NO PANTANG ? Nope , we didn’t agree on anything because with or without pantang we seldom meet each other . Like maybe in a week only once I met him .  So my mother was like , “Korang kalau pantang pun macam sama jer” , Bukan nya A jumpa or datang rumah .. =.=””

Ohh semalam , I get to eat Alaskan Crab . It was so juicy and sweet . BECAUSE IT WAS MY  FIRST HEN’S NIGHT CELEBRATION .  More on that when I update my next post . It was a funny and crazy night . They say more to come , hopefully next is steamboat ahh . HAHAHAH

photo 1 (11).PNGphoto (28).PNG

(Dah nak  final fitting , masih ahh nak melantak buffet . ) *Wails*


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