Girl , you just won beauty pageant is it ?

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This Occasion didn’t came as a surprise to me cause one of them accidentally blurted it out that they are going to have a hen’s night for me . HAHAHA . But the planning and all , I totally have zero clues on it except they told me to dress formally and meet me in the afternoon . I groan when I heard the word , FORMAL . Thus, the Superga . Cannot lah want to take train all , wear so formally on a Sun somemore . Siao ahh .

So here at the top are 2/7 of my orang kuat .  I didn’t expect that the 3 of us will tear the place down with our laughter and antics . Seriously . Their planning was to meet at 4pm but I was stuck at home packing the berkats and all so I decided to delay by an hr . By 430 , I rush to do my makeup and meet them at City Hall .  There , I was blindfolded and given this pink sesh , tiara and a wand . My heart was literally pumping very fast and all . Scared of what they might come up with .

That night , I was forced to take photos with 3 strangers . Offer sweets to two strangers and the most funny part is I was asked to tell people that I am getting married to 1 stranger . It was freaking funny but I was thankful that the whole lot strangers that I came up to , was very cooperative and funny . Apart from the good wishes , one was telling me to brace for the next level and even invite me to Melb should I ever go there for Honeymoon or Holiday . And now , we are friends on FB ! Heheh

After all the laughter and awkward conversations , I was blindfolded again and was brought to the Asian Market Cafe at Fairmont . It was quite a distance but last I remembered we were still in City Hall .  They literally just bring me to a few shop in that state while they shop . LOL . It was my first visit there and despite having it halal certified , we were the only malay people dining on that night .

Food wise 4/5 . It was good but can be improve . Atmosphere 3/4 . Aquamarine was so much better . Lightning in the place isn’t that good hence the need to edit those pictures brightness . The desserts and ice cream corner was spot on .

And of course , the main highlight for the day would have to be that very one question by one old man who was seating behind us .

” Did you just won a beauty pageant ? ”  I see that you are wearing a sash

HAHAHAHA . I was holding my laughter during that moment and of course explaining it to him . Gasak kau lah pek ..

And with that , thank you my loves . Can’t wait to meet all of u soon .

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