8 days already .

Okay so here’s the funny thing , I forget my own last fitting date/appointment for my bridal . A was like literally bugging me to email PS to find out the date and it turns out that it was schedule yesterday as told during our first fitting . SO SO SO Lucky that I emailed them on Wed morning and Wed evening before I leave the office , the replied telling me about the appointment yesterday . Likka lipas kudung , I applied for Half Day leave before leaving the office on that faithful Wednesday .  Imagine if I didn’t email them and had came to work and go through it like any other days .

So yes , we were on half day leave yesterday to meet my kakak-kakak andam at 12.30pm . We were attend by Yaya , Qee , and Cik Majid . So so thankful for Cik Majid cause he was there to alter our clothes on the spots allowing us to dictate where ever area that we wanted to shorten or widen a bit more and then wear it over and over again .

So what’s last fitting without the samping tutorial kan . (Do record them okay so that you guys can show to the Bestman ). Presenting the flower donut as demostrated by Qee . There was never once PS makes us feel so uncomfortable . We chose our accessories freely but always relying to their advises and recommendation .

For our last fitting , we brought along  our shoes and I put on my bodyshaper to roughly visualise everything . Only my nikah outfit needs a slight adjustment at the sleeve cause its not balance . One is longer than the other . They suggest me to use my songket outfit with the gold belt but I’m not really sure yet but Kak Yaya say she will just bring it on that day in case many people approve of that look .

So our session lasted from 12.30pm to 2pm . We talk about everything , from contact lens colors to the type of makeup for every of my outfit . We could have stayed more longer but I got to rush for my SUGARING Appointment which was at 2.30pm. One of those few pre wedding preps that a bride that go for.

We had our last run through of the itinerary with every one bersila on the floor , taking note of the delivery and collection timing for the outfits , our last payment to them , packed our stuff and bid them Goodbye . Kak Yaya suggested me to trim my hair crown area so that when they tease it , so much easier to style it . On my leave , it shall be . By then , I realise that I am late to meet Jasmine. And what happens after that really blows my freaking mind .

Thank God PS place to Jasmine’s house isn’t that far . And I had the pleasure of A sending me there . hohoho . Today , I declare that I am loving the SUGARING session that was recommended by the rest of the BTB’S girls . Initially I wanted to cancel , thinking about all the pain and being a first timer and all . I’ve been using the Epilator on a regular basis and only hot waxing when I do have have the time, so sugaring wasn’t much of a hype to me until I realise that I’m getting married and I should try something new . But after the session , I now really believe that when they said  sugaring pain level isn’t as high as hot waxing . So I did Brazillian , Legs , and Hands . Jasmine was so skillfull , with every pull she made , she kept talking to me to distract me from the pain . My session lasted prolly 45mins . Definitely not my last time coming .

I love the atmosphere of the room , well equipped , with music churning every minute , not so bright light and yes it’s air conditioned .

By then , I would have thought that A would already be on his way home but this fella happens to be eating at Clementi Mall in order to avoid the rain . So apa lagi , member took his chance of dragging me along to Holland Village collect his newly bought camera items .

I have not eaten the whole day yet , I was cranky . The rain was drizzling . We were not driving . The roads were wet , travelling at kura-kura speed and yes insyallah all will be worth it because I AM SO GOING TO FILL YOUR CAMERA MEMORY  WITH MY BEAUTIFOOL PICTURE.

So A , whatever explanation you gave with regard to your camera. This Canon M3 better be worth it because if you look closely orang sebelah you pun macam malas nak layan you

photo (55).JPG

8 days to still have the time to run away . xx


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