Back and blogging .

Assalam semua , Guess who’s back and blogging  after the wedding and honeymoon.

 Its me yo . Me !

My previous post was about 8 days to the wedding and today its 15 days post wedding date . I am debt free from all the wedding payments ,  adjusting to new routes and arrangements , a skintone darker and YES . I am back to work with about 2K plus of emails to clear . And just nice , Payday is here . Unfortunately both the husb and I didn’t get enough rest but we still push on till where we are now . We reach SG on 28th at about 2am , after 10 days of honeymoon in Bali , a few hours of running errands including visiting my FAMILY on Sun afternoon and now here I am in the office today . I have alot to catch up on especially my Suits episodes but slowly yo slowly . Taking one step at a time .


For some whom may have asked , Well Basically its quite tiring and quite fun . Thank God for a not so ganas sleeping partner . So far , never have I wake up to his legs or hands on my face or having being kicked or smacked during the time I am sleeping . And thank god for a not so clingy husb , truth is I don’t like to be snuggled or hugged to sleep , just give me a pillow and a not so cold room and I would be asleep as soon as you know it .

Tiring because not only you have to remember so many things but you got to remember  your husband needs also . Like for example if we are going out , not only i have to pack my bag ,I got to make sure his stuffs is in his bag too . Or the most relatable is , after we women get dressed or choose our clothes, we got to make sure his clothes is ready or discuss with him what he is going to wear . I have more to learn but insyallah everything will fall in place .

To those waiting for your union in this very year or even next year , HANG ON PEOPLE !

It might be a bumpy and rough ride but I’m sure its going to be worth it . I remember me  being all so nervous at one minute before the hadang and the next minute , being all too excited that the day is ending . On my sanding day , after my second outfit change at about 4pm , I was overwhelm with emotions because I know I’m gonna miss all the wedding planning and that I had to remove my beautiful makeup and hairdo and return my songket outfit and also my wedding gown .

But after my wedding ends , one important  lesson that I learn was .


Like really , sometime what they warned you about or remind you about is true . Always trust or at least take into consideration . If they say the guests will be a whole lot . Trust me , INDEED IT WOULD . Initially my nikah we were hoping for a 100 pax but turns out a good 200 plus pax of guests came and that saturday night was the most happiest day of all when my dad gave me away to A in front of our families and closest ones . Credits have to go to my mum , her hunch and prediction was totally on point . Having to have the nikah food increased to 200 pax was totally spot on . And also having to increase it to 1100 pax on Sunday was also spot on . I did argue with her on how wasteful it would be and we should just set it for 1000 pax but Mother know best they say .  By 5pm , most of the food have already been wiped out .And even we the hosts of the majlis , didn’t have anything to pack and eat at home .

We heard nothing but good praises for the food which was more than enough to make my parents feel so happy and proud . We got everything including the Udang Blck Pepper , Sweet and Sour Fish and 10 macam kuih for only $10.50 per head .

In another case was  my hadang timing. Initially according to the itinerary,  we had it all planned out at 12.45pm BUT due to to a power fault at my DJ area , we had to stalled the guy side and let them in at 1pm . And yes , my MOTHER did argue with me regarding the 1pm timing .Initially she wanted the groom to masok at 1pm , just enough time for the makcik pakcik to settle down with their food and all . You see , this kind of thing you cannot predict one ,so while you are at the dias . Senyum je lahh .  HAHAHAHAH . But apart from that , everything went very well .

We had a full sunlight in the morning and by the time we are off to the Groom side , rain came pouring down and indeed the escort still goes on for us . Really really thankful for all of them who stood by us throughout .

It’s true what those previous Brides said , You’r gonna miss the Wedding . Its true you alls, I do miss it . The executing and visualizing everything . 

And definitely , happiness came in a form of envelopes ! LOTS OF LOTS OF ENVELOPES . 

We did the counting the next day after the wedding . And because they came out the payment for the catering . It was only right of me to hand them everything that we received for that day .  Still cannot forget the face my dad had when our duit salam actually reaches a $xx , 574 . He was betting on how if it actually reaches $2K is already good enough . What we receive is not triple but even more.And NO , no newspaper, no coins or empty envelopes . hahaha.  Rezeki my parents . Alhamdulillah .

I have yet to receive my wedding photos or videos . But here goes .. My important vendors and also presenting my husband .. Kwang3







Thank you semua yang hadir to our wedding , I notice you guys down there . Sorry maybe tak cukup time for you guys to prolly head up to dias to take a photo with me but truly , my husband and I appreciate your attendance . Any kekurangan harap dimaafkan yer .

Thank you for all the doa and wishes .

Jazakullah Khair ❤


8 thoughts on “Back and blogging .

  1. hereforareason says:

    really rezeki your parents, very difficult for malay weddings to go up to that amount eh! alhamdulillah and congrats once again babe! woooo! malam boleh buat ibadah byk byk yer. 😉

    • erianazai says:

      yah really thankful lah babe , prolly because they also rajin to go to people’s wedding . tu sebab banyak yang sudi datang . hahahahaha . ibadah ke aper . sejak go back to work hari2 sleep ajerr . yours coming soon ! Jia Yo .

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