Review – Kad Lawo & Husin Wdk



Now  that  the wedding is over and I am feeling pathetic that I could not blog about it anymore  . I shall post reviews and extra information that could be useful to you guys . The keyword is COULD . My wedding was run by different vendors . Until I get my wedding photos and videos , I shall not touch on them . Soon after the reviews , maybe I will drag my ass and move on about my wedding .  So today , I’m starting on my Wedding Invites .

So Kad Lawo , A Malaysian established company located in many parts of Malaysia . Obviously mine was from the one at Johor Baru . Just google their location and you will find ease in searching for them .

In any case , you can always support the local businesses that provided wedding invites or you can DIY . Getting the ones on our own shore might be easier to liase  or run after . Kad lawo only deals with you via e-mail . So if you are the type who gets easily paranoid of vendors not getting to you fast or replying you back within a day , then you might skip this one .

Both A and me engaged them to do our invites . The first pic would be my invite , directional sign and guestbook . And the second one was my banting .

I ain’t no someone who love flowers but this design is exceptional . I couldn’t be more happier than to have them doing my invites . But got to say , some of the cards were ruined by ugly handwriting . What’s new .

For $0.40 for a both sided folded card , definitely good deal right . That was my stand on choosing my card, i want one side to be the english part and the other in the malay part . And to have everything in one package is no much of a trouble . Just pay your deposit , wait for the drafts . Agree on the final printing and pay everything .  I heard nothing but good praises on the choice of cards and choosing it was the fastest decision i ever made in my wedding preps.

So on my side , imma gonna rate it ,

This vendor doesn’t really play a big part in my wedding but without him , I would not know how it would be for my guests to enjoy their without a FAN to cool themselves down. So yeap Husin Wdk was the one in charge of delivering my standing fan . I had 6 of them from Friday till Sunday .

He charges by the num of fans and not the num of days . I had mine at $200 for 6 fans . Plus installation and them to set it up with all the necessary wiring , total was $240 . I had them add on a power point wire for my ice cream fridge which was at an additional $10.

They are punctual and easy to liase . As long as you tell them all the details they need , you don’t have to keep bugging them . Cik Husin liase with me via FB in which his staffs will contact you nearing the date regarding your orders . Not only that you can also rent table and chairs from him . Engagement , Baby Show or Cukur Rambut . No worries one .

If you  are considering to take tentages for your wedding , Cik Husin would be one of the choice and Yes , he does decor too . Pari Pari Wedding is by his team .  Look at that . Such beautiful dias .

He’s contactable via here .

Trustable , Tested and Definitely Worth Hiring .

Husin Wdk


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