Review – Buttertrade & Remy Creations

Now , its time for the Cake Review !! Okay starting with the husb side first . It took a while for us to confirm with this particular vendor if we are going to engage him or not . Firstly , we wasn’t sure if we ever need to order one on his side , torn between pulut or wedding cake and also will it be sponsored or nahh .

In the end , we decided to go ahead and booked with him our cake for A’s side . Alhamdulillah , A only had to pay  the deposit and the rest are being sponsored by his Uncle .

The vendor I’m talking about is none other than , Remy Cuppies Creation . I liased with Abg Remy both via FB & whatssap . Abg Remy will take a while to get back to your msgs but he will definitely reply . These are his rates ,

2 tier cake start frm $240
                                                                    3 tier start frm $290                                                                       Cupcake package comes wit 50pcs + 8inch cake topper frm $270..
Price includes delivery n set up.. 

After all the negotiations and discussions , we settled for the 3rd option . Abg Remy is so understanding and truly patient . I told him that I had a budget to follow for Option 3 . So I was asking him , if I could get it at a fix price of $270 .  And he agreed on that price , telling me he would do his best .Syukran . Liaising with him was so smooth , I only had to remind him a week before the wedding about the cake and its all settled . Right after the wedding , I had feedback that he was on time and very meticulous about his work . What he showcase was beyond our expectation and I am so thankful for that .

Image-1 (1)

Image (2)

He will provide the everything , you guys just have to prepare the table . If you guys are looking for any cake vendors , here’s one who you should definitely BOOK with .

Alrighty , My Turn ! None other than Buttertrade . I never really had other vendors on my mind other than them for my wedding cake . The reason was , I had always wanted a cream cake for my wedding and not a fondant one and Buttertrade was everything I could ever ask for . And now , they even set up a small shop to sell their bakes just 15 mins walk from  my office . Life is indeed Good . If I was given a choice , OF COURSE I WOULD GET FLUFF BAKERY but when I went to their showcase , they didn’t quite gave me the assurance that the cake would not melt by the end of the day whereas Buttertrade provided me with the info that they will be using milk chocolate ganache and definitely it won’t melt .

Alhamdulillah , after countless planning on the design and flavour . I was greeted by this beautiful cake upon coming back from the guy’s side . From the early part of the wedding , I didn’t really notice if the cake was there or not . So here it  , this pic was taken after I had reach my side from A’s , which was about 4 plus . No melting or droopy looking cake

Image-1 (2).png

My 3 tier cake with fresh flowers !!! All 3 tiers are real cakes ! And all in 3 different freaking flavors !!

I had it in ,

Moist banana cake layered with cream cheese frosting, salted caramel drizzle, crunchy macadamia brittle and topped with caramelised bananas

Posh spice
Vanilla cake layered with strawberry whipped cream and fresh berries.

Sweet & Salty 
Chocolate cake, layered with salted caramel cream cheese frosting, salted caramel drizzle, crushed maltesers, dark chocolate ganache and topped with maltesers, popcorn and pretzels.

 I swear , that is why Buttertrade was my first choice . Aziee , the one that I have aliasing with was totally spot on with the flower colours and on . All I did was to provide her  the colour and leaving it to their creativity . This beautiful masterpiece cost me $350 . A GIFT fully sponsered from my bestfriends aka my bridesmaid .

Same goes like Abg Remy , all you have to do is to just provide the table and they will do the rest . You guys might one to standby packaging or tupperwares on hand or below the table so that by the end of the majlis , your family can distribute the cake easily .

Ohhh and yess , OF COURSE they tasted nice . If not , I would not even bother to blog about it . Everybody whom we distributed to , had nothing but good praises for them . Both vendors provided us with moist , soft and nice cakes . Alhamdulillah

So yes  , Looking for One ! These two at the top can be your next vendor to book from.


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