Review – None other than KOMPANG AKRAB

You can have my $700 again anytime . Dearest members of Akrab , Thank You for the spectacular performance .For playing sincerely and with such top notch performance , only Allah knows how happy we were .  Me and A truly appreciate it . We had relatives singing along , crowding around , all beaming and smiling in awe . Ever since you guys went viral in facebook, there is no way we are going to miss our chance in getting you guys since May 2015 .

Allah make our paths crossed because probably he knew our Wedding might be quite a bore without you guys . heh . I trusted my gut feelings to just have you guys perform at our wedding even though there were a few people who is willing to sponser malay dancers and performances . We knew having you guys would be just enough for the wedding .

Or utmost sincere thanks to , Izhar, Rizal ,Razli and the rest of the admins who liase with us from the start till the end . For making Adam feel calm , though his baju salinan have yet to reach his place even though the bertandang will start soon . Sorry for choosing the baju kurung theme for you guys , i wanted it to look good on pictures . hahahah But thank god for the rain on that day kan .

And lastly , THANK YOU FOR THE LAST VIDEO on the wish ! Different from the rest ! And that is why , you guys are the best . Thank you for coming full force .For being punctual , for being the one to give us the assurance that everything will go well and smoothly .  And now I understand why towards the end at the groom place , the team suddenly expanded . There were some that had perform else on that same day , decided to join in to the performance at A’s side . Hence , the mixture of outfit . Masyallah , the more the merrier they say .

Thank you for keeping the culture and tradition alive . But most of all , thank you for gracing our humble wedding .










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