Review – Gubahan Sweetz Creation & Donum_By

 The Bridal Room & Dulang Gubahan 

Guess , its time for the last few vendors on my mind . This time is for the two component of my wedding that made my heart racing and I  felt like slapping myself . Firstly my Bridal Room was set up on the Thursday , two days before my nikah and sanding . And sadly , I didn’t even sleep on the bed because it was too pretty !!!!! And also I scared I kena ganti rugi the items in case I stain the bedsheets and etc .

Every decision was sorely my mum’s on this bridal room decor because together with my dearest grandmother , they insisted on having it . It was like a great deal for them in a way of celebrating me , as her daughter and as her grandchild . Of course if you were to ask me , I would say ‘Don’t need lah , Don’t waste money lah . But I respected their decision and since they would be the one paying for it , keeping quiet was the best . All I knew I had to find the right vendor and reasonable pricing for it . And then , I got to know Kak Aida from GSC .

Of course , this anak dara had to borrow her parents room to be decorated because her room is filled with cupboards and book shelves . My parents was okay with it . The total cost of my Bridal Room was $350 .  

GSC has two packages for the bridal room , there was the Partial Decor and Full Decor . The partial decor looks like this  according to her . Partial consist of  just backdrop and top scallop.

This would be the full decor , For full room decor,  It will have backdrop, top scallop and cover the window too.

Last she told me , her package price for partial and full would be $420/$480 . Apparently she said before I inquire she had a promo going on , and that it has ended but syukur alhamdulillah she was able to give me the promo price again which was $380/$420 . And since I opt for the partial one with no top scallop , it was $350 . Try to tell Kak Aida your concern regarding budget or whatsoever , Insyallah she can deal with a price that is easy on the pocket. .

And when the day finally arrive , i didn’t felt one bit of excitement because I was getting henna-fied on that Thursday night and I couldn’t see anything until I was done with my henna . I didn’t get to see the set up and all . By the time Kak Aida was done with room , it was my feet turn  .   My family members were the ones updating me by my door . Initially , when I got over to Kak Aida’s place to send my items and discuss the room . I decided on a cream and light pink theme . Little did I know , during the measuring of the room session , my mother wanted a different color .

So here you go , The beautiful theme chosen by my mother .



photo (57).JPG

Everything was provided by GSC , the chair and bedsheet  are all from them . She only decorated the room with her husband and they really did a wonderful job about it . I had guests coming in and out during the early hours before the nikah to check2 and see2 . Biasalah , those makcik2 and jiran2 . Everyone sang good praises on it and even asked for contact number .

And then on sat morning , Kak Aida and her husband came again to my place . This time to deliver my Dulang Gubahan . I had my package done under her which consists of 7 dulangs , 20 bunga rampai and my sireh junjung . During the time of her delivery , I was outside . Not to run errands or whatever not , but to hunt for my Kway Teow Hor Fun alone . Still remember , being on the bus with my henna and all . Here’s a picture for  memory sake ,

photo (58).JPG

I didn’t quite really believe on the darah manis kind of thing , I just prayed and doa that Allah protect every step of my way and that “Kun fayakūn” . Different people deal with anxiety and happiness differently . I just so happen love to deal with it with by eating outside on my own , going shopping on my own and yes , watching movie on my own .

So while I was outside , Kak Aida was doing her delivery and my nikah hand bouquet was also delivered during that timing . Thank God for having my solemnization during the night , my relatives didn’t have to rush over to my place and they had time to help around and prepare for the nikah .

I settled for a songket theme for my dulangs , something soothing to the eye . All I ever chose was the songket colour . I opted for a silver/white songket . And Kak Aida’s delivered something that was beyond my expectation . The moment I came back , I could not help staring at it . It was so on point and beautiful .

Here they are on the bed , 

photo (60)

photo 1 (13)

photo 2 (12).PNG

My gubahan package cost me $380 in total .

(7 dulangs , 20 bunga rampai and 1 sireh junjung + delivery and collection)

I’m not sure if Kak Aida will be charging you guys the same or not but overall its up to her as a vendor . This could be a for a 2016 wedding price as based on mine but so far , Kak Aida have been a very nice and reasonable vendor so to speak .  She will try to give you discount along the way . I’m not sure if you can find another vendor that charges you less than $30 for an acrylic cover gubahan but Gubahan Sweetz Creation do so .

For me , I leave it up all to her . I just tawakal that she would provide me with the best of her service . Indeed , Allah make me cross paths with yet another vendor that were not only understanding but also generous .  She didn’t even asked for extra payment for my sireh flowers or so since my solemnization day were the V’day period and flower prices are crazzyyy .

So yes , the earlier you contact them the better . Who knows your date might still be available .

For A’s vendor , he took Donum_By . Founded by his friend’s girlfriend . Could not say much about them as I didn’t liase with them . Only A did . Their pricing are reasonable too. We didn’t had much photos on those trays but it was done nicely  . A songket theme to go along too . So we had an exchange of 7 is to 6 . From the bride to the groom . It was only after dismantling everything then I remember asking A if he too the trays pics so that I could upload it here . He didn’t took all of them . Only the first and last pic .  Thankfully there some here , being captured by them too  .

FYI- Both these vendors provide car decor too .

photo (29).PNG



photo (61).JPG

So yeah , nothing come cheap they say . I would love to DIY my dulangs like some other Brides but I just could not find the time and my parents doesn’t really agree on it . So we had to sought for vendors to help along the way . During the payment part , indeed it was painful . Like a stab to the heart but the result was worthwhile .

Dulu zaman my parents don’t have all this acrylic cover , now that its my time . We had one . Who would even think about it few years ago to have a cover for your gubahans and such . Later in the long run , not sure what more idea there will be .

Kalau ada rezeki lebih by all means , kalau tak pun . No worries . Wedding preps are actually about choices . If you don’t mind , it won’t matter .


4 thoughts on “Review – Gubahan Sweetz Creation & Donum_By

  1. syazwanaaisyah says:

    Once, I engaged Kak Aida previously for dulang services and indeed, job well done! And by the way, your decorated room was lovely. I didn’t had the chance back then but looking at yours, damn I should have done it.

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