I didn’t say YES .. to the dress

Yeap , this is also a review BUT got to make the tittle INTERESTING  kan. LOL

So this is with regard to my Wedding Gown and interestingly it wasn’t from Peti Solek . You know HOW I sang praises for Peti Solek right regarding my makeup and outfits !! Well, I am still in love and gushing over it okay.

But ! My last outfit wasn’t from them , only A’suit was . So the story began like this , I had always dreamt of wearing a WHITE GOWN for my wedding and despite from the start knowing that Peti Solek doesn’t have those kind of fluffy and big gowns , I still went ahead and book my package under them .

To top it off , I even book 3 outfits under them because that moment all i know was I was destined for them . haha . So dramatic .  And so the waiting game began for the first fitting session . Truth be told for Peti Solek , there is no point in you aiming for a particular outfit that you saw on their instagram page because the month that you are getting married , there is a few other anxious brides like you are whom already booked the outfit during their fitting session but one could only count on their lucky stars.

So the DAY eventually arrive , the day where i seal my fate to choose my wedding outfits . Not 1 but 3 . And choosing my outfits were so nerve wreaking sia . I’m sure  those ex brides will agree . Size,Fitting,Cut and even colour matters yer sis2 semua .

So after two outfits down , its the cake cutting outfit turn . The one , that i EVENTUALLY say NO to … I Said Yes first and then i said a big No . Here’s why , so kawan-kawan this was the dress that they recommended to me and which was available for to me to try under the package that I sign for, which my HEART was actually breaking when I tried it on .


I don’t know man , this dress didn’t just scream to me ! When i wear it , it didn’t look or feel wedding worthy . Additional points are , the dress looks kind of worn down . There were few other dresses but its either too big for my size or doesn’t suit my skin tone. This dress didn’t give me the chills like my previous two chosen outfits .

And of course you all know by now that Peti Solek outfits don’t come cheap right . All those beautiful LYNDA RAHIM dresses that their brides don during their wedding are at additional costs ok. I had already added an extra $$$ for the DIRAJA Outfits and during that moment to upgrade to the LR Collection was the last thing i want to do . So I just tend to leave it all to fate with a heavy heart thinking that maybe the dress isn’t that bad looking after all after I wear my make up and had my hair done .

Boy , I was wrong sia .. I couldn’t sleep in peace without thinking about it , I could not eat without having to keep thinking about the dress and also I kept bugging A if I made the right choice to choose that dress .

And so I , make the bold decision to hunt for a wedding gown . I was so determined ! Like really determined to find one ! And so I did . I could not take it any longer . I kept visualizing it everytime . I even asked a lot of people if I should come up with a PLAN B for the dress .And this stubborn woman did just that .

 I list out all those bridal companies that provide outfit rental . Of course this selengeh bacin girl listed out those popular name lah kan , so I started with Lulu Alhadad . Yes ,they do outfit rental . You guys don’t require to take up a package with them . I tell you , their dresses is also COSTLY . Faints ….

I made an appointment to even come down to see their collection and inquire about the pricing . They operate by home , so basically Lulu’s assistant was the one attending to me .They had everything , ball gowns , A line gowns , mermaid gown , tube gown , strapless gowns and more . And her gowns are not light okay .. Its those studded with beads and sparkles .. Her abaya’s also are heavy . Berat dokk … The moment I lifted it from the rack I was like “OMG A, help me carry to the mirror please.” . Of coz the ones I picked out are the studded and long train ones lahh. Melampau betol ehh aku . haha

So here’s me , the desperate looking bride at Lulu’s store room picking out gowns .

photo 1 (43).JPG    photo 2 (41).JPG

Well , I didn’t say YES also . Firstly these dresses are not cheap . The charges depends on the dress you picked . Starting from $350 onwards . That’s like way more than the Lynda Rahim’s collection . Secondly , I didn’t get to try them on . Pay first and then try later . Seriously man , I was desperate ! Not letting me try even makes me more protective of my money ever since the PS dress incident . What if I pay already and I don’t like any of it . You get me … You all mesti feel me kan ………..

So I said , I will consider and that was the last they heard of me …. But Lulu’s Alhadad team service is good tau, they are not pushy . She let you touch2 ,feel2, posing2 with the dresses and all before you make your payment and decision .

 So moving along , I was desperate+confused+helpless. I even thought of designing my own outfit because prior to it I was bounded for Bandung few weeks later . I even angan-angan to buy the kain and send for tailoring but that decision seemed nonsensical to my mother . I inquire along the way , with friends , relatives and even colleagues .

And then , out of all people . It was my Mother’s idea that I took . She told me to look for a CHINESE BRIDAL SHOP ! And I did just that ! Seriously ! I took it so seriously that I went to 4 shops okay . Don’ play play . You know how people say that CHINESE BRIDAL SHOPS ALLOW YOU TO TRY THE OUTFITS EVEN BEFORE YOU ARE A CONFIRM CUSTOMER . It is TRUE you guys .

All 4 shops that I went to allow me to don their dresses . I felt like a “Princess” . Different cut, design and fitting gowns I managed to wear . My berangan got more deeper and landed me in a more confusing state . Only 2 shops allow me to take photos of the dresses .

This is the first shop that I went to and allow me to take pictures of me in the gowns to visualize better.  Its just 10 mins away from my office and I chanced upon them in CAROUSELL . Desperate or what . hahah . I dragged my mother along on that day for her to help me make a decision . Sadly , they didn’t have much options , and because I was looking for a sleeve gowns . I manage to try these two  .

photo 1 (44)  photo 2 (42).JPG

I was in love with the first one but something wasn’t quite right about it . It was 3/4 sleeve, my hands wasn’t really scar-less or even hair-less . Haiya , those anak jawa genes .And to me that brooch in the middle looks girly2 to me . So not ME .   To top it off , mak aku suggested to wear gloves . You know the long ,satin and white gloves . Like in a ball gown dancing kind of thing . Bikin kelakar betol lah . Lepas dah feeling2 , apa lagi . Cabot lahh kan . This shop outfits rental is quite affordable if you were to ask . Approx $100 onwards .

The other 2 shops that didn’t allow me to take photo and make me scared to take photo will be The Gown Warehouse  and  Rico-A-Mona. Their prices also scary seyh and the outfits so delicate . If you have the budget , can go try see2 . There’s another bridal that Izah a fellow BTB recommended . If I’m not wrong  . Its this one .

Then probably 2 months away from my wedding , I found my SAVIOUR . Her name is Lily and she is a owner of a Bridal shop in Somerset 313 .

This is her shop people . ( Stara Bridal & Gowns )

How did I got to know her ?

By GROUPON ! Yes , i’m a cheapskate and a very happy one too !

You know how GP have deals that were going on their website kan , I just so happen to scroll through one day to look out for cheap deals for dining and then I stumbled upon her deal . OMG , WAS IT A SIGN , i asked myself  . 

So what would a desperate bride in 2 months time do ? Yes ,she bought the freaking offer after stalking their facebook page . I was like so stoked because her collections seems to be so up to date and clearly having a shop in Somerset 313 and giving out promos must really be something ! Before that , I called up the shop to find out if it was a legit shop . Not those take people money than suddenly close shop . Lily just asked if I had bought the deal and asked me to come down for the viewing . And yes , I was allowed to try them on ! How can I not buy the deal !!

It was only going for $69 for an outfit . But little did I know , $69 wasn’t the lucky number.Here’s why , CHINESE BRIDAL doesn’t have a fix price for their outfit . The have those additional prices hidden that you don’t know of . Until you are so sure of getting the dress , then they lay out all those prices for you . So be prepared okay  .. Different gowns obviously have price difference .

I don’t why but at this particular shop , I felt like . I will the find the One ! 

It was until the third visit with A that I made the decision . The $69 deal was limited to aone section of the store . But Lily was generous enough to her customers to open up all her dresses to those potential customers . They  might have to top up a lil bit more. So those two visit i went alone to browse through and do my fitting and know more about the deal .

Lily was kind enough to let me try everything , every outfit she would be the one helping me .Tying the corset , and recommending if I should wear a petticoat or not .

So these three , eventually found a spot in my heart !

photo 3 (22)

I love them 3 , if I could . I would take them all .

photo 3 (24)

This one requires me to top up an addtional $300 plus due to its new arrival and also its delicate lace trimming on the sleeve plus the dry cleaning ! I love this one ! Makes me feel like the gown is so wedding worthy  !

photo 4 (12)

I love this one two ! Only need to add an additonal $100+ plus drycleaning  . But the no sleeve part makes me question fate . Such a pretty dress , such flabby and jiggly arms . The dress was perfect , even had a heart shaped back piece .

photo 5 (3).JPG

Quite an old collection in the store , within my budget . Only need to top up $50 for dry cleaning . Long sleeve like how I wanted it to be . Quite an open back . Not covered . Such nice piece without having to put on the petticoat .

So … I made my decision . Made the arrangement and got myself ready to straighten out everything. I send an email to Peti Solek and just like that i’m half way of wearing a wedding gown on my wedding day . Although my nikah outfit was white , and the gown will be white . I DON’T CARE ..HAHAHA

Peti Solek acknowledges my concern and although I lose out on wearing their collection and also on my package . They were kind enough to allow me to use their accessories along with that outfit . How can I not love them .. And besides A’s suits were from them . Everything was settled .

So Big Day come ………… And I got to wear a freaking white gown .


Image (1).png

So I said YES !!!!!! To the last gown .

The fluffiest , comfortable and long sleeve dress that was within my budget . Finding this dress was like pulling a needle out of a haystack . I was so sure on the second dress when I decided to rummage through the rack again . Tried it on , take picture . Showed my mother & my bestfriends . Dragged A to see me wear it and agreeing  on it.

And eventually saying YES to the dress .

Wohooo .. Eh what is this , 2K plus words . Okay sorry . Story finish already  xx

Remeber , if you don’t like it . Do SOMETHING about it ! You win some , You lose some !

Your wedding is only once in a lifetime . Make the best out of it . Go KIASU about it .

Seriously , only the ones that judge you are the ones jealous about it .


8 thoughts on “I didn’t say YES .. to the dress

  1. ariescinderella says:

    I’m so happy for u that u finally found the right gown! Most chinese bridals kasi try but no phototaking unless we sign their package, mine i came twice try2 take pics den i decide to have my gown made, i know how it feels babe when u just dont have the feeling for the gown, u really look pretty in it!

  2. zhafarinna says:

    Kau seriously went all out babe! $69 deal is extremely worth it gila babs seh! And yes gotta agree with you on the limited choices of Lynda Rahim dresses that we were offered by PSTBR especially untuk badan/punggong cute macam kita. Wished that aku extremely determine macam kau to find other alternatives tapi malas gila already please. Hahaha! But really, you looked so beautiful babe in your gown!!!! Such a pretty gown too!!!

    • erianazai says:

      hahahah . THanks BABE . The dress yang kau pakai pun tkda seyh . masa aku nya fitting , the choices punya lahh limited , tuhan jer tahu . Bila nak something jer , aleh2 kena tambah duit .Macam mana aku tk bingit kjap . LR punya dresses pun kecik2 , so aku had no choice but to sort out to other method babe . haha.

  3. PhzLvsq says:

    Hi there!I came across your post while trying to find negative reviews about the above mentioned bridal.It’s 2018 and Im experiencing the exact situation as you do.In the end,did you pay for the whole 3 outfits package?

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