Makeover for your ………..

Eh alamak , How can i forget this particular person ? This person deserve as much recommendation and appreciation as possible like the rest whom I have shared here because although it was not for me , what she did was much appreciated .

This person that i hired during the wedding was for my mother and sister . She was the MUA for them on that day (my sanding-Sunday) . For saturday , Me the Bride did the makeup for my mother . HAHA

Imagine the kecohness , after Yaya did my makeup , I quickly went to the other room to do her face makeup . My mother didn’t want any other people to do her face except for me because I have been doing so for the past years .My makeup skills not that high lahh , you know those simple2 one only .  My mother the cerewet lioness only agree to have a MUA on sun because I told her I needed 3 freaking hours to do my makeup and hair . No way , I could cabot half way to do her make up .

Of cause the task of finding a MUA wasn’t easy lah kan now that you have a fussy mother and vain sister . And also I needed to find one that could do hijab styling also because both of them don it .

Thankfully for the BTB Chats , got lah a few times they share contacts . Popular names like

  • Yumi Ary
  • Watie Misty 
  • Sue Afad 
  • Raja Norashikin
  • Nazlin Hilal 


sure kena mention one . But here’s the thing , all of them above charges more than $100 . Like duhh , good and popular . Of course expensive what . But , of course ME being the budget bride that I am , I was so sure that I could find the find the one that charges less than $100 or even $80 .

I stalk people’s wedding pics , bridesmaid pics and all on instagram to know if there is any MUA just as good as the above . Not really stalk lah , you know sometimes how on the featured page got people photo . So I just look through them . There was a few that I could remember and even inquire . A few that I could mention are

  • Hafizah Yazed 
  • Makeup by Waty Yazid
  • Faithsamavenue
  • Make up by Shima Matin
  • Makeup by Aida Ismail
  • Bynurfudge 

All of their prices varies . I was close to book faithsamavenue when a fellow BTB recommended them but due to my laziness I didn’t text them fast enough until I totally forgot about them . Until one day , I was bored in the office and I was busy scrolling for pictures that saw this particular person ig . She was a a bridesmaid and she engages that particular MUA for her makeup .I love her makeup . Her eyebrow was ok , contour ok . Not too dramatic or too thick . Just nice .

So I was like , “EH , WHO IS THE MUA SEYH ” . 

So it turns out to be this very sweet and lovely kakak by the name of Kak Haj . This is her profile and where you can find her .


If you look through her page , she does make up for all walks of life . The best part , most of her clients don hijabs . I was super excited you know .Kak Haj is also one of the MUA under Signature Bridal and Bella Sue Bridal Couture . I was hoping she would quote me with a reasonable price .

So I did send her a text to the num above stating my preferred date and for whom and within 10 mins , Kak Haj reply me back . What she replied , immediately make me say

“Okay kak , can I book you on that day , for 2 person. “

Her pricing are , $80 for the first person . Subsequent would be $65 . All prices including transport also . Omg , finally someone that could match my budget . For two pax is less than $150 . Liasing with Kak Haj is super smooth I tell you , just deposit and she will be there . She didn’t even keep bugging me for details or whatsoever like how to get to my house and etc .

She just needed me to deposit $20 in which I didn’t want to and I deposited $50 and pay the rest on the day itself . Kak Haj was punctual and since I had Yaya doing my face already,I could not greet her at the door . It was until I had my outift on that I managed to go to the other room to say Hi to her . It was nice of her to complement my makeup for another MUA  .

Kak Haj was so sweet , she even texted me after she was done with both of them, wishing me for my marriage .

Just take a look at this , this is my little mei mei after the Makeover . Just in case I could persuade you guys to hire her ,

Image (1)

To me , her makeup skills is awesome . To each of its own lah kan . Nothing was over too over . Please don’t introduce your single brothers to my sister . HAHA . This one a bit lazy and don’t know how to cook . HAHAHA (Just Kidding )

Why I recommend to you guys is because , my mother APPROVE of her . Both my sister and mother receive a lot of compliments on that day for their tudung styling and makeup . Some could not even recognize my mother .

So okay , tunggu apa lagi . If you need makeover for Pre-Wed or Post Wed or any kinds of makeover , can contact Kak Haj and tell her Eriana recommended  .


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