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The Domestic Goddess (wannabe)

You know how we girls always dream of having the tai-tai life and all after marriage . I too, share the same one . And now that Allah haven’t bless us with our mini ones , I took the time to research about house planning and renovations . You can take everything A , but not my dream kitchen . But alas , those dream kitchen doesn’t come cheap . Imagine those SMEG pastel fridges , those KitchenAid pastel mixer and those big built in transparent oven .


However we are still taking our time around this house planning kind of thing . Our BTO estimation date will probably be in the early 2018 .And although both of us loves to cook , we still choose to have a BTO . What a bummer right . Small kitchen means lesser space . And we didn’t opt for the open kitchen concept which makes the kitchen planning to be of the traditional arrangement . Gone were the dreams of having a big counter table just like Gordon Ramsey .

For me , the heart of the house lies in the kitchen . There’s where we will create memories together . The good and bad and everything but one thing for sure , the kitchen could also be a war ground for you guys . True story . Marriage life is indeed very good . No doubt about that . But my small bickering with A usually starts in the kitchen . Funny right . Usually because of misunderstanding , ego and also usually I think he’s always  the troublesome and fussy one .

I love the kitchen when I learn to pick up the ropes of cooking and baking and of course being the eldest , I got to cook for them annoying siblings when the mother is tired or not around . But I LUFF it . I find them therapeutic . Reason being I will only cook and bake when I am in a bad mood or the need to let out some steam . Even though I was tired from work , I would still try that recipe that I found on the net or even though my pay have somehow vanish into thin air , I would scrimp that remaining money I have to spend on ingredients to try on a new recipe . I was that DEDICATED . hah . At first I didn’t realise it until my mum brought it up . She was like                                                                                                                         “Eh , asal malam2 ni kau suka buat roti . Besok tak kerja eh ?”

It was pure dedication man , my head and body wants me to rest but my heart keeps telling to try out that particular recipe . But I ‘m forever thankful for them , for being my best and worst critics . For being my hamsters that I never had . Everything that I created , they never seem to get tired of it . For always choosing my bakes instead of ordering or buying  Hari Raya kuih-muih . HAHAHA . Quite an honor you know . However things took a turn now that I have settle down and  got married .

I have left my kitchen and move on to somewhere else . Yeap , living with the in laws and somehow finding new ways to let  those steam off . I don’t know man , the feeling is not the same . The kitchen is always empty and welcoming but whenever I had THAT mojo to cook , that will always be that SOMEBODY that pisses me off . And that would be my ever loving and caring HUSBAND .The frustration is real okay guys . My husband likes to poke his nose at my kitchen business way before we even got married and now that we are married , its still the same . You wanna know why ??

It’s because he can COOK ! So when you have two person who can cook in the kitchen , you know what will happen kan . Small tiffs and arguments . He likes to poke his nose at the stuff i’m doing which annoys me . Dictate my amt of spices and always plans to add an extra ingredients which he thinks might make the dish nicer .HAHAHAH . So annoying kan . When I do the same to him , tahu pulak member marah . HAHA  And even though we are husband and wife , the competitive spirit is there . I’m not so sure when did A learn to cook but it was quite a blessing too despite those tiffs. Those moments like when I am back late from work and A would whipped me something before I sleep . Shiok feeling you know,got someone serve you food . Two cooks means two different techniques and styles .

We can cook up a decent meal ,so having us in your team is a bonus . You will not have to fear of going to die of hunger .I miss hosting my friends at my house , we would have stamboat/grill night ,  lauk kampung food night , hari raya visit cook out and all . A is not so adventurous like me , there are a few things that he doesn’t take in like I would . An example would be the Black Chicken and those Ulam-Ulam .I love them Black Chicken soup and those ulams with hot pipping rice along with the century egg . .


And I guess you guys could guess , he is not a vegetable lover . So kental seyh .

We sure do can cook up a STORM ! I miss my kitchen and often I am so tempted to come back home to try out those new recipes .Often when the mother texted to say she felt like eating my honey chicken or those dishes that I have tried out ,I would be overwhelm with sadness and start my emo feelings . And that is why I cannot wait for my own house . My in laws house is fully equipped but the feeling not the same and pretty sure their taste bud not the same . HAHAH .

We called ourselves FOODIE for a good reason , all those hype about new stalls that sell nice food , all we try . Its no wonder that our weight gain not much of a surprise . Me and A love to spend on food . Nearly every payday , we would treat each other to good food to celebrate . JB would be our fav place too to explore yummy food . Speaking of which , we would going to try out Kilang Bateri this Sat . Hopefully , there might be something that catches our attention .

I’m the type that tried everything , just making sure there is no pork and lard in it but A is different , so long no halal cert . He won’t try it which makes me regret those moments I try joint places that doesn’t have those halal signs . I mean , I should be like that . Where did I went wrong . Hmmm . HEH .  Even going for sushi dates would be quite a hassle , though it seems like we are just going for good old innocent sushi , A makes sure that we would  be dining at the halal ones with no sake or beer being sold .I am still trying my very best to abstain from those places , which is quite hard as most of my company meeting are being held at hotel buffets and sometimes chinese restaurant where I had no choice but to go vegetarian . Here’s to becoming a better muslimah ! Insy allah

After the wedding , I was blessed with so many home appliances . Not sure why , but it was so sweet of them . I receive a hand mixer , an electric hot water kettle , beautiful plates and cups and the most extravagant was a rice cooker . Sadly , i had to leave them in the back of the store in my house . I couldn’t bring them over to in laws due to the unnecessary space and usage .

Well anyways , FB is a good source for you guys to get new recipes .Recently I just joined this Group called “Masak Apa Hari Ni (MAHI)” and boy was I shocked , all those recipes in there are so useful .Consisting of mostly housewives from Malaysia. You will surely not go wrong in the kitchen business .

Here’s one that me and A tried ! You know those 4fingers chicken that is oh so yummy . This recipe is the replica of it . We tried it and we loved it !!!!!

Here’s the video where we got it .

Honey Garlic Chicken

10 – 12 kepak ayam (dipotong drummet)
1 biji telur
2 sudu besar tepung jagung
4 sudu besar tepung gandum
1/2 sudu teh garam
1 sudu besar serbuk cili
1 sudu teh lada hitam

  Bahan untuk sos:
7 sudu kicap manis
8 ulas bawang putih (ditumbuk halus)
4 sudu madu
7 sudu sos cili
5 sudu sos tomato

1. Perap kepak ayam bersama telur, tepung jagung, tepung gandum, garam, serbuk cili, dan lada hitam.
2. Goreng ayam.
3. Didihkan kicap manis, bawang putih, madu, sos cili, dan sos tomato.
4. Salut ayam goreng bersama sos

So yes ,a new update from me . Trying to share whatever I could or the big reason was , A was complaining he was bored of not reading anything because I did not blog a new post . LOL

Till the next one

                                                 Nigella Wannabe  xx


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