Overview Peti Solek & Bliss Photo

True to their words , Bliss delivered us their products exactly 2 months after our wedding . We didn’t need to text them as to remind bout our photos but apparently to some of our family members , two months is too long . Like Whutttt !! How early you expect to get your wedding photos seyhh ..

I mean we understand on our side , as they also hold their own full time job and Bliss happens to have wedding assignments almost every week . But overall our photographer , Syahruz did an excellent job about it . Money well spent i must say !!! Collecting our photos was a nerve wreaking feeling , I was telling A how nervous and scared i was . I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was all good .

We got everything that was on the contract and boy was I pleased . And while we are talking bout Bliss , let me talk about Peti Solek too as to save blog posts . hahaa




Outfits entirely from Peti Solek from top to toe except for our footwear . We adore our Nikah outfit though the decision was sorely made by me alone to have it in white . I wasn’t really sure if my body was even suited for white but I just choose it for the “suci” kind of sake look . HAHAHA

Everything falls into place nicely , from the make up to the tudung styling . All was on point for me .  I didn’t even have to tell my MUA what kind of look I wanted . Again , I find that my $300 spent on getting Kak Yaya was so worth it . She stayed with us throughout and we did not even had to hire a Pak Andam . Everything she took care of it . All I asked was for nikah was I don’t want a bold colour lipstick . Syahruz captured our nikah night beautifully , from the guests to the venue . Everything was perfect . And even so our nikah ended quite late , around 10pm . All 3 of them , Kak Yaya , Syahruz and Fudge(D’shootz) was still around us and didn’t complain one bit about the extension of timing.

Now over to our Sanding Day . All 3 were punctual on that day . Truth be told , I didn’t get ready in front of my dressing table mirror so I totally have no idea how my makeup was going to be like . But when I’m totally done with my makeup and hair do , everything was to my liking . On that day , I didn’t even got a touch up for Kak Yaya . All she ever did was to wipe my sweat and change my lipstick colour on my last outfit . So awesome kan .

Her hands are magical I tell ya . So yes , this outfit was the one that required us to top up that additional moolah . One of the collection  in DiRaja Series . We had a few choices to our Sanding outfit before we settle for this one . We or shall I say, I  wanted the outfit to stand out from our dais colour . So Maroon it is .  This outfit was also picked by Kak Yaya herself as she felt that this one deserve the shine again unlike the red one which is currently hot and trending . And besides even the sizing and cutting matches us .


A&F_0467 copy.jpg

A&F_0554 copy.jpg

Love every bit of it , from the pictures to the poses to the outfit . Nothing I could complain about it except for the annoying corset that I was required to wear both for my nikah and sanding . I only had  to wear a shapewear for my bum to make the outfit look smooth and only the corset for my stomach and boobs . No difference to my boobs or stomach actually . HAHAH . But the moment I sat down , the corset shape was making an appearance on the outfit and it was quite uncomfortable .

I truly miss wearing the songket outfit as I felt that it was too fast . HAHA . When you look good in something, of course you don’t want to remove it .

The only regret that I had with Syahruz was he didn’t manage to snap a pic of us with our Wedding Car . It was a freaking BMW M5 owned by one of A’s groomsmen which was our friend but because the rain started when we start to leave to the groom’s place . Not much picture was taken with the beautifool car . Can sit but cannot own one . HEH . Got to use it for  the wedding also good enough lah hor . Baru nak feeling2 .

Last but not least was our last outfit , this one doesn’t belong to Peti Solek . Only A’s suit and my accessories was from them . In case you miss about this dress episode , you could read it here .

Syahruz was the one who initiated to use this park as our outdoor photography session . Thankfully it was just behind my wedding venue .

Looking back at all the pictures , it seems as though all the pictures were album worthy , even those in the thumb drive that he gave us .

So thank you , Bliss & Peti Solek for making our lives so much easier . It’s true what they say , “Money can be earn again and again , but moments like this sometimes takes a lifetime”


I guess that’s about it  then . We have not yet got our wedding video but of course , knowing that it will be the last review means we will wrap this #weddingseries soon .



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